Lift Ticket Deals For Ladies.

Lift Ticket Deals For Ladies.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 01/21/09 •  1 min read

Being a woman has its privileges. Here are some lift ticket deals, just for being femaie:

½ Off Ski Sawmill, PA
$25 Ragged Mountain, NH
$25 Saddleback, ME

$39 Okemo, VT
$35 Ski Roundtop, PA
$32 Shawnee Mountain, PA
$46 Mt. Sunapee, NH
$18 Mt. Lacrosse, WI
$14 Mt. Hood Skibowl, OR (nights)
$39 Peek’n Peak, NY

$10 Off Blue Mountain, PA
$53 Hunter Mountain, NY
½ Off Ski Denton, PA

$25 Pebble Creek, ID
$29 Mt. Rose, NV
FREE Beech Mountain, NC

$28 Shawnee Peak, ME

Special Days
2/6: $15 Bromley, VT (mothers only)
2/2: FREE Ski Sawmill, PA
2/7: $10 Mt. Rose, NV (men dressed as women)
2/9: FREE Ski Sawmill, PA (men dressed as women)

The last two seem a little odd. What is it about having men dressed as women on the slopes?

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