It’s always ski season somewhere.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 06/14/08 •  1 min read

I know an instructor here in Vermont who spends half the year instructing at Okemo, and the rest of the year teaching in Australia. For her, it’s endless winter.

It is possible. You could ski all year round, if you like. While we’re sweltering in the heat, ski season is getting underway in New Zealand and Chile.

But if you’re looking for something really exotic, how about Africa??

One doesn’t usually put skiing and Africa in the same sentence, but this morning I read about Afri-Ski, a ski area in Lesotho, an African kingdom surrounded by South Africa. The area features a single slope a kilometer long. It’s been open since 2005, and bills itself as the largest in Africa. Some 10,000 guests visited Afri-Ski in 2007, and 15,000 are expected this year.

So how about a trip combining a visit to one of Africa’s Game Parks and some African turns? Would that be cool or what?

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