A friend of mine recently told me she dreamt there was a ski boot in her bed. “Does this mean it’s going to be a bad winter?” she asked.

I’m hardly qualified to interpret anyone’s dreams. But it seems to me that dreaming that there’s a ski boot in your bed isn’t necessarily a harbinger of good or bad weather. Maybe it just means you want to be ready to rush out to ski at a moment’s notice. Or maybe you’re just excited about your equipment.

Who knows.

If you love skiing as much as I do, I’m sure you’ve had quite a few ski dreams of your own. Sometimes they’re frustrating: I’ve forgotten my goggles, my poles, my helmet, or I can’t make it to the lift for one reason or another. Sometimes they’re wonderful: I’m having the best run of my life. The conditions are amazing, it’s a bluebird day, and I’m skiing like Lindsey Vonn.

I did an internet search on what it means to dream about skiing, and here’s what I found:

  • To dream that you are skiing suggests that you are pushing yourself and putting your mental and/or physical ability to the test. You are your own fiercest competitor.
  • To dream of a skier signifies that you are being difficult with the money.
  • To dream that you see a skier signifies that you have a problem that you do not solve for a long time.
  • To dream of ski jumping suggests ugly and serious danger ahead.
  • To dream that you ski downhill indicates that you have adventures ahead that you do not consider.
  • Dreaming of a broken ski means that you will not get along with your partners

Pretty wild. I don’t think whoever came up with this list ever skied a day in their life. All I know is that I dream about skiing because it occupies a very large place in my brain. And until ski season comes, it’s the only place I can go to get some runs in.

Sweet dreams.