How to let people know you’re a skier in the summer.

How to let people know you’re a skier in the summer.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 06/05/12 •  2 min read

So here it is: Memorial Day’s come and gone and the long, hot summer’s begun. Could be the heat, could be we’re just involved with other things, but ski season seems far, far away. Nonetheless, some of us still want to talk about the great ski days we had last season. Or dish about gear. Or talk about the season to come. All the same, it’s hard to talk about skiing when you can’t figure out who’s a skier and who isn’t. I mean, it’s not like there’s a secret handshake or anything.

I’ve done a few things to get across my love for the sport, even in the off season. My license plate is SKIDIVA (what else?), and I have ski stickers all over my car. But what if I’m not driving? How would anyone know I’m ready to talk about skiing any time, any where?

So here are a few ways to let people know you ski, even on the hottest days:

• If you go swimming, wear your ski goggles instead of swim goggles.  If anyone comments, just say it’s what you’re used to and you’re more comfortable this way.

• Similarly, wear your ski helmet for biking. Sure, you may be hot. But people will know where your head’s at.

• Hiking? Take along your ski poles. And I’m not even kidding. They’re similar enough to hiking poles that why the heck not.

• Looking for a good beach read? Try a good ski mystery. Oh, wait — I think I can recommend one: Fade to White or Double Black, by, well, me.

• You could also wear a ski related T shirt at every opportunity. Here’s a good one:


• And plaster your boat or surfboard or car with TheSkiDiva stickers. Want one? Let me know.

• Another option: wear a SkiDiva necklace or earrings.

• Of course,you can always talk skiing at, the premier online community for women who love to ski. We’re still at it, even in the off season (one requirement: you must be a woman to sign up).

And don’t despair. Sure as the earth continues to turn, winter will be here before you know. it. In the meantime, enjoy the summer and treat each new day as a special gift. Because it is.