Going up?

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 09/22/06 •  1 min read

What do you like to do when you ride up the lift?

My dad used to sing to me — which I found terribly embarrassing as a teenager, but remember quite fondly when I think about it today.

Sometimes I like to chat. It’s always fun to meet new people. Plus you have the option of ending it naturally when you get off the lift. Or you can take a run with them and continue to talk on the way up again.

Mostly, I like to watch people ski. You see everything — great skiers, awful skiers, weird behavior, fantastic wipeouts, relieving recoveries. And the outfits! Can someone tell me why it seems like some days everyone’s wearing red, and other days, yellow? Just seems to work out that way.

I also like to evaluate trails and conditions and even plot a line down the hill. Good to know where you’re going, before you even get there.

Sometimes I even sing. Just don’t tell my dad.