Girl Friends.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 04/29/06 •  1 min read

So how many of your female friends ski? Me, I can think of two. No, make that three. (And no, once-a-year skiers don’t count. These have to be people who get out fairly regularly.)

I guess it all depends on the circles you travel in.

I honestly can’t figure out why more women don’t ski. Is it the cold? Child care? The incredibly busy lives that most women lead? Is there something about ski culture that puts them off? Or is it because men ski — could staying off the slopes be a way to get away from men, when they’re out skiing?

Part of the mission of this blog is a selfish one: To connect with other women who like to ski. I think women skiers have different perspectives than male skiers. Different concerns. And maybe even different ways of interacting with the ski universe.

And I’d love to expand my circle of female ski friends. Because even though I love skiing with my husband, it’d be awfully nice to have more women out on the hill.

Don’t you agree?

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