And now for some cover art.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 08/21/10 •  1 min read

It’s here, folks: cover art for my next Ski Diva Mystery, FADE TO WHITE.


Here’s a description for you:

Snow isn’t the only white powder falling on Spruce Peak when Stacey Curtis returns in Fade to White, her second Ski Diva mystery. Hollywood has-been Harper Stone arrives in Stacey’s little Vermont town to shoot a mouthwash commercial, and he’s anything but happy about the downward spiral his career has taken. When the ornery actor turns up dead a few days later—and the last person to see him alive turns out to be Brian Russell, Stacey’s jealous ex-fiancé—things start getting complicated. Hollywood has come to the Green Mountains, and you’ll want to hold on tight—because in this fast-paced sequel to Wendy Clinch’s Double Black, everything’s going downhill fast.

The book comes out January 4, 2011, and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

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