Early season vs. late season?

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 03/20/11 •  1 min read

Which do you prefer?

Me, I’m torn. Nothing beats going out to ski after the long summer-imposed ski drought. That first time I click on my skis, ride the lift, and slide down the mountain is a true release.  To me it almost doesn’t matter if it’s ice or pure powder; I have so much pent up longing that I hardly even care. Here in the east, the slopes are pretty empty before Christmas. So with the exception of some other die hards, during the week I almost have the mountain to myself.

Then there’s spring skiing. After the crushing cold of winter, it’s an incredible relief to ski without freezing; to feel the sun on my face, unimpeded by a face mask or gaiter. And when the sun turns the snow into beautiful, carveable corn, and the rock hard ice boulders into soft-as-butter mounds (again, we’re talking east here), pure perfection.

So like I said, I’m torn. Perhaps I’m being too picky. Maybe it’s all good, and I should just learn to enjoy the moment. And hope the season goes on a bit longer.

Really, there’s no pleasing some people.