I think one of the reasons God invented summer was so skiers would have a chance to clean out their closets. You know, go through your gear and either get rid of things, sell them, or throw them away.

Right now I feel a little bit like Andy Rooney on Sixty Minutes. ( “Do you ever wonder why there are so many paper clips in your desk drawers?” I feel like poking a fork in my eye everytime he does that routine.) But really, I’m amazed at how much crap one person can accumulate.

Trust me, I’m not a hoarder. I got over saving most things years ago. But for some reason, ski stuff is different. I have goggles and gloves/mittens coming out the wazoo.

With goggles, it’s pretty easy to figure out why. I used to work in a ski shop, and sales reps were always handing them out. Plus my own personal search for a goggle that wouldn’t fog or make me look like a dork led me to buy a few, as well.

Gloves and mittens are easy to understand, too. My hands get cold very easily. So I’m on a constant quest to find something that’ll keep them as warm and toasty as possible. And after a while, even the best glove or mitten tends to pack down. So I end up buying something new.

Of course, there’s my multiple pairs of fleeces, gaitors, balaclavas, socks, and miscellaneous other items. Plus base layers I’ve tried and failed to fall in love with.

My husband is ruthless about this sort of thing. “If you’re not using it, get rid of it.”But me, I’m not so sure. What if someone visits who needs something? What if I lose x and need to replace it in a hurry?

If I’m lucky enough, I can keep putting the whole thing off so long that eventually, next season will roll around and then maybe, just maybe, today’s potential cast offs will become tomorrow’s must haves.

Think that’ll actually happen? Nah, me neither. But it’s easy to pretend.