Are you a ski nerd? Quiz #2

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 07/09/19 •  5 min read

Okay, Ski Divas (and other ski friends): How much do you really know about skiing? I’m not talking about technique; I mean the bits of information you find in the nooks and crannies of the sport. You know, the trivia; the stuff that only a true ski nerd would know. I posted a ski trivia quiz a couple years ago — if you haven’t taken it, you should — so now you’ve had a bit more time to stoke the data banks that reside in your brain. At the very least, it’s a fun way to see how much you really know about the stuff that swirls around the sport we love.

So here’s ski quiz  #2. Answers are at the end, but no peeking (and no Googling, either)!

1) Which of these is a multi-resort pass?
a) The Red, White & Blue Pass
b) The Peak Pass
c) The Whopper Pass
d) The Ski Til You Drop Pass.

2) You’re in the backseat. Does this mean:
a) You’re late to your ski lesson;
b) You’ve lost your way in the backcountry;
c) Your center of gravity is too far back;
d) You don’t have enough funds to buy new ski gear.

3) You have a full EPIC pass. At which resort can it NOT be used in the coming season?
a) Stowe Mountain Resort, VT
b) Wilmot, WI
c) Whistler Blackcomb, BC
d) Northstar, CA
e) Arapahoe Basin, CO

4) You’re skiing ‘switch.’ Does this mean: 
a) You’ve swapped your left and right skis;
b) You’re skiing backwards;
c) You’re very, very nervous;
d) You’re skiing from one side of the trail to the other.

5) Death cookies are…
a) A snack you eat before dropping into Corbett’s Couloir;
b) A micro-brew crafted in Boulder, CO;
c) The snow you eat when you fall head first while skiing;
d) Hard chunks of snow typically made by snow-making equipment

6) Which ski resort had the longest season in the east this year?
a) Sunday River, ME
b) Wildcat, NH
c) Killington, VT
d) Whiteface, NY
e) Jay Peak, VT

7) Who won the women’s World Cup in 2019?
a) Lindsey Vonn
b) Mikeala Shiffrin
c) Wendy Holdener
d) Petra Vlhova
e) Stephanie Brunner

8) Which of the following is NOT a ski manufacturer?
a) Renoun
b) Coalition Snow
c) Liberty
d) Black Crow
e) Apex

9) Which of these states does NOT have a downhill ski area?
a) Alabama
b) Maryland
c) Delaware
d) Rhode Island
e) Iowa
f) Nebraska

10) Which of these ski areas had the most expensive day ticket in 2019?
a) Vail
b) Stowe
c) Aspen Snowmass
d) Beaver Creek
e) Deer Valley

11) At what resort was the National Ski Patrol founded?
a) Sun Valley, ID
b) Suicide Six, VT
c) Stowe, VT
d) Whiteface, NY
e) Taos, NM

12) Which of these was the first city in North America to host a Winter Olympics?
a) Sun Valley, ID
b) Lake Placid, NY
c) Squaw Valley, CA
d) Salt Lake City, UT
e) Montreal, QC

13) Where will the 2026 Winter Olympics be held?
a) Courcheval, France
b) St. Moritz, France
c) Innsbruck, Austria
d) Milan-Cortina, Italy
e) Salt Lake City, UT

14) Which country would you be in if you were skiing at Valle Nevado?
a) Chile
b) Luxembourg
c) Spain
d) Argentina
e) New Zealand

15) In which of these countries would you find the highest lift-served ski area in the world?
a) Chile
b) Bolivia
c) Switzerland
d) Austria
e) Luxembourg

16) A blown ACL is which of the following?
a) A missed GS gate
b) A broken pole
c) A bad aerial
d) A nasty injury in your knee

17) When is Learn-To-Ski/Ride month?
a) December
b) January
c) February
d) March
e) There is no Learn To Ski/Ride month

18) All green circle trails are of the same difficulty.
a) True
b) False.

19) Which ski area has a heated bubble chairlift?
a) The Canyons
b) Sunday River, ME
c) Okemo, VT
d) Mont Tremblant, QC
e) Snowbasin, UT

20) The world record for speed skiing is:
a) 185.9 mph
b) 95.1 mph
c) 110 mph
d) 203.2 mph
e) 87.5 mph
f) 156.2 pj

21) K2 is named after:
a) The initials of the two founding members of the company
b) A mountain in the Himalayas
c) Killington, Vermont
d) A term used in slalom skiing for a missed gate.




1)  B, The Peak Pass
2) C, Your center of gravity is too far back
3) E, Arapahoe Basin, CO
4) B, You’re skiing backwards.
5) D, Hard chunks of snow typically made by snow-making equipment
6) C, Killington, Vermont
7) B, Mikeala Shiffrin
8) E, Apex, which only produces ski boots.
9) C, Delaware
10) A, Vail was the most expensive ($209.), followed by Brekenridge ($189.), Deer Valley ($180.), Steamboat | Aspen | Park City| Mammoth ($179), Copper Mountain | Whistler Blackcomb ($178), Winter Park | Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows | Keystone ($169),  Heavenly ($164), Jackson Hole ($162), Northstar ($150), and Sun Valley ($149).
11) C, Stowe, Vermont
12) B, Lake Placid, NY
13) D, Milan-Cortina, Italy
14) A, Chile
15)  B, Bolivia. Bolivia has, in fact, just one ski area, the glacier called Chacaltaya. It reaches a height of just under 18,000 feet and has just one rope tow. The area was developed in the 1930s, but global warming is contributing to a decreasing ski area.
16) D, A nasty injury in your knee
17) B, January. For more information, go to
18) A, False. Green, or beginner, runs typically vary in difficulty from one resort to another. This is the same for Blue (intermediate) and Black (Advanced) runs, too.
19) C, Okemo Resort
20) F, 156.2 mph. The record was set in 2016 by Italian skier, Ivan Origone.
21) This is sort of a trick question. It’s A and/or B. The company was founded by Bill and Don Kirschner in 1962, so yes, there are 2 K’s. But K2, also known as Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori, is also the second highest mountain in the world (it’s located between China and Pakistan), and the name pays homage to that, too. If you got both, double points!