Alison Gannett, Off Season

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 06/02/09 •  2 min read

In addition to being a world champion Free Skier, a ski film star, a ski designer, and a master instructor, Alison has dedicated herself to championing environmental causes, tirelessly working to make our planet a better place. She’s worked on the environment with Al Gore, started the Save Our Snow Foundation and The Office For Resource Efficiency, teaches environmental awareness with the Global Cooling Tour, and been named one of the Green All Stars by Outside Magazine.

SD: What athletic activities do you participate in during the off season? Why did you choose these and what is it that you like about them?
AG: I surf, road bike, bike tour, mountain bike, practice yoga, and run. I don’t “train” per se, rather I choose things that are fun for me. I love to bike tour — great exercise while enabling me to get exercise while traveling for work on the road. I love using different muscle groups and doing something really different — like surfing. I love the peace of the water, working on a really hard sport, while using my arms and back more than I normally do.

SD: Is there any particular activity you do that keeps you in shape for skiing? How? How often do you do it and what does it involve?
AG: I like sports that exercise my whole body. Surfing big waves keeps me in killer shape while having fun, as do all my biking sports, while yoga keeps me balanced — especially after eight knee surgeries. I like to vary my exercise so that it is fun and different. I try to do something every day.

SD: Do you ski during the summer months, say in South America or some other location? Is this for fun or for training purposes? Can you tell me about it?
AG: I used to ski a bunch in the summer in South America, but I really like the change of the seasons and really enjoy my other sports and also compete mountain biking. That being said, I live at 9,000 feet, and we can ski almost all year round here, if you want to!

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