40 miles and 7 lighthouses.

By Wendy Clinch •  Updated: 09/12/09 •  1 min read

That was the theme this morning, when my husband, Jon, and I did the Maine Lighthouse Ride, a fundraiser for the Eastern Trails Alliance in Portland, Maine. We came to Portland from Vermont especially to do this scenic ride.

Well, that and to eat lobster rolls, of course.

It really was a lot of fun. The coastline of Maine is beautiful. The ride took us along the shore, where we could see the islands of Casco Bay and enjoy the boats and ships going in and out of the harbor.

About 300 people registered for the ride, some for 100 miles, some for 62, some for 40, and some for 25. We opted for 40, and for me, it was enough.

Here are a few of the lighthouses we saw:

What does this have to do with skiing? Well, if skiing starts in the middle of November — and hopefully, it will — it’s important to concentrate on getting in shape. And biking is a great way to do it.

This was a great day.

Now excuse me — it’s time for more lobster roll!

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