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Yay - new boots!


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So excited for winter to come! Last season, I was having to really ratchet down my buckles by the end of the day to get a snug fit and felt like I was over flexing my boots to drive my skis when conditions started to get bumped up. I was just getting so worn out. I knew I was going to need to replace my Salomon Xpro 80s this season. I’m a much stronger and better skier than when I purchased these (my first non rental boots) back in 2016 and knew I needed stiffer more form fitting boots.
I swung into ProFit Ski in Leesburg VA to see what they had for their Labor Day sale. I didn’t have high hopes for finding something on sale in a size 27.5. Found out I have long feet that are slightly wide with a narrow ankle and small instep. :thumbsup: That coupled with my height, weight, and long lower leg length meant we went straight to the men’s low volume boots. 2+ hours later, I walked out with these bright beauties - 2019 Lange RX 120 LVs! :yahoo:Brian Deely is amazing with non-average feet and getting that perfect fit for customers. It looked like a tornado went thru the shop with all the boxes Brian pulled out to find that as-close-to-perfect-as-one-can-get boot. He added in some heel lifts which helped suck my heel into the pocket and punched out a little room in the forefoot area so my pinky toes weren’t getting smashed. Still expecting a little more work once I’ve had a chance to wear them around the house for a bit. I’ll likely need some tongue shims to tighten up the front of the ankle after they break in. It just feels so good to have a pair that hugs my heel and ankle area and are a lot easier to get on and off! I am hoping to get some time on the indoor ski ramp to dial in fit before we hit real snow.
I’m just so excited to see how much more control I have with these when I’m going hard and how different my skis are going to feel! Just hoping my feet don’t get too cold with the non-plush interior and tighter fit. I’m sure the Boot Gloves will be used a bit more this season. :ski2:



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Well, it’s been fun slowly breaking in the boots around the house. It was fun to compare the fit between my older pair and these, which made me even more exciting to get out on the slopes. I had to go thru my pile of socks to find my thinnest ones since these are a narrower last and a performance fit. Managed to find two thin socks in the pile, so I put in an order for some more Smartwool ultralight and light socks (yay new gear!). The liners seem to be molding to my feet a bit better now and the thinner socks don’t have me wanting to rip my boots off my feet after 10 minutes due to discomfort. They are a snug comfortable for now with the buckles loose. :-D


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Those new boots are stunning! Congratulations.
Stunning is a good way to describe the neon orange color. :laughter: Go UVA! Just glad my skis are not girly pastel colors. Otherwise, might have to get new skis...not that that would be bad. Well, maybe for the wallet. :ski:
Those Langes are great. My beloved, Mr. Blizzard, swears by his Langes.

The new boobs probably belong in a different part of the forum!
They sound brilliant. My hubby had trouble last year with a new pair he'd bought, Nordicas I think. He went to another place and they fitted him to some Langes. Never looked back, he's a very happy man. Sounds like there's a pattern here with Langes for some hard to fit peoples...

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