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Would you wear this?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The second wedding dress looks like someone decided to knit themselves a Halloween costume - and they were going as a tampon.

@mustski I like the sound of the ladies at BBMR. If you’re retired and you want to rock a helmet cover and storm proof lipstick, then go for it. YOLO and all that.


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Here it is in all its glory. It's Ezra Miller wearing this dress.
The funny thing is, it showed up in my Facebook feed several times. By skiers making fun of it, and my art/ fashion friends who are in love with it.

I kind of have a thing for insane clothing and like it. Not for skiing, or mountain wear, and I certainly wouldn't pay that price for any clothing, but would I wear it? Yes, particularly this shiny black one. Possibly with my Hela antlers.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have been wanting one of these warm insulated shirts and was going to order one of those from Uniqlo but it looks like they are a Japanese company with super small sizing. After measuring I'd need at least a xl if not a xxl or xxxl :scared: I'm not that big of a person (usually wear a size L in US sizing). The sad thing is they have nothing in stock that over a size large :cry:
In my experience Uniqlo sizes are pretty standard, definitely not like other 'asian' sizes. I usually wear XS to M, same as with other brands. So obsessed with their clothes! Not to enable you or anything... :becky:


Angel Diva
Is this an East Coast fashion? I have never seen or heard of a down skirt before--but I'm a California girl--what do we know about really cold weather? I can't imagine wearing so much down with my hot flashes.

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