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Would you ski this?

ski diva

Staff member
This was an open trail at Hunter (NY) yesterday, April 9. I love skiing, but I wouldn't do this. Would you? When do you think it stops being fun?

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 10.20.47 AM.png


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Hah! I said this on Facebook, but... my skis are always a disaster (I tune them... once every other season?) and this pushes the bounds of what even I would ski. So, maybe. :smile:

For me it would really depend on how much skiing I'd been doing lately. When I lived back east and I was a long drive from skiing and the season always felt so short and I never felt like I was skiing enough I'd probably have given it a go.
If I had the option to download I would choose a lift down over skiing that. If the snow above was decent, I would consider this as the only way down.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Hmmm I think the mud is just visually unappealing. Does the red clay/ dirt stain?

My home mountain occasionally has a run with dirt patches, but it is a black run that partially melts out but is the only access to other top of the mountain runs, and well you assume the risk or, as we do, ski, "walk" for a bit until you get to snow again and then continue skiing. This doesn't look like its getting you to any "goods" so no, not skiing something that's not getting me to a better place.
It depends.. Is the whole trail like this, is it only one piece? There are lots of spots often in spring skiing where you need to go through questionable areas. If there is still good snow above or below then I’m okay with the cruddy spots.

This is what rock skis are for. :wink:
Yep, yesterday there was an area at Killington that was like that---the runout from the canyon down to the base area. There were a small spots that I "skied the mud and some grass". I didn't need to walk though :smile:

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