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Would anyone be interested in a Ski Diva face mask?

ski diva

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NEW updated list:

Jilly: 1
Jenny: 1
Maine Ski Lady: 2
MissySki: 2
marzNC: 4
lisamamot: 2
mustski: 2
skibum4ever: 1
margaritamarcia: 1
ride_ski: 1
dive girl: 3
lmk92: 2
QuiverQueen: 2
teppaz: 1
Abbi: 1
Blueskies: 2
snowski/swimmouse: 1
kiki: 1
diymom: 1
Tvan: 1
ski sine fine: 1
Bookworm: 1
santacruzskier: 1
sibhusky: 3
Marigee: 1
skierchick133: 2
nopoleskier: 1
ilovepugs: 1

Ski Diva: I'm ordering an extra 10 in case anyone else wants one.

I plan to post the order tomorrow (June 1).
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Angel Diva
I always wear a thick fleece balaclava for skiing I want this for summer. My bandana I'm folding right now ends up being six layers of fabric.
Actually, fleece is a particularly poor choice of face covering for protection from COVID because of the moisture retention. I love my fleece, but won’t be wearing it next season.

ski diva

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Okay, just ordered! They tell me it'll take about a week and a half. I'll keep you posted on their status.
I think I'll ask you each for payment once I get postage nailed down. In the meantime, if you want, you can PM me your shipping address so I'll have it on hand. Please be sure to include your actual name (first and last).
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ski diva

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I'm expecting the face masks in just a few days, so if you haven't gotten me your address yet, please do.

ski diva

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Are there final prices yet? Where should checks be sent?

I don't know what the shipping will be yet, so I'll let you know when I have the masks in hand and can check it out with the PO. I'll PM you my address, if you want to send a check. If you prefer, you could pay by PayPal or venmo.

ski diva

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The Face Masks are in! I'll be sending them out as soon as I get them packaged and take them to the PO. I'll let each of you know what you owe, too, and how to pay.

I have to be honest: I found the fit a bit loose, but I fixed it by shortening the ear straps with a bit of tape.That seemed to do the job nicely.


santacruz skier

Angel Diva
I got mine too and wondered how you shortened your mask. Now I see it's with tape. I made a little knot and that seems to work.
Thank you !

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