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Will the economy effect your skiing next year?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The question I ask myself as someone lucky enough to have access, is how much longer will I tolerate the quality of resort services going down and the excuse of not enough staffing, while prices continue to climb, without feeling cheated. Our private lessons just bumped up almost 10 per cent this coming season.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I suspect those who had the means to ski before will continue. For the weekenders without a regular residence, they may go less. I would love to see the overcrowding let up. And longer term, the housing insanity to level off so people who have lived near the mountains all their lives can afford to remain or move back.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
For those of us who have to travel to ski, we may have to budget on other things to have the luxury to ski for a week or more. I bought the full ikon pass again this year and hope to make 2 trips out west. I may have to drive to Ft Lauderdale(@2.5-3 hrs) to catch a cheaper southwest flight vs the expensive American Airlines convenience of key west airport.
But we did just book a family cruise in December(aka the “guilt trip” if you know my family) , so my theory may have just been blown out the window :/

Amie H

Angel Diva
It will depend how airfares pan out in a few months, and how many miles I'm able to accrue on my cc until ski season!

The bigger factor for me is time; still working and take an elderly relative to appointments when she needs a ride, so I'll have to be perhaps more frugal with time away from home.


Certified Ski Diva
Australian perspective - we have just completed our "yearly" (except for Covid interruptions) ski week with other families we are close to. Traffic getting to the largest Aust resort this year has been an absolute nightmare, and we're totally expecting the cost of staying at our usual good value place to skyrocket next year, I'm predicting a 30-40% increase (fuel prices, food prices). It's causing us to question the value and do other research, eg a trip back to New Zealand or Canada again. But I've heard NZ (Queenstown) has been a bit of a nightmare this year too, plus the unreliable weather conditions. I've started to shop around with other lodges in Oz but everyone is saying the same thing, they won't decide next year's prices until Oct/Nov. I'm feeling pretty twitchy as I'd like to lock something in.


Angel Diva
I'm hoping we saw the peak of our crushing, post-covid crowds last year, but I fear the worst is yet to come this year. I'm so glad I stuck with Indy this year. I think the off-the-beaten-path resorts will be manageable, especially midweek.

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