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Wildfire near my condo

Little Lightning

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Burning very close to our condo on Buffalo Mountain in Silverthorne. All residents from our area have been evacuated. Good news is that fire mitigation done a few years ago is protecting the homes and condos. As a result of worrying about the condo we discovered Abraham Lincoln's neighborhood here in Springfield, Illinois and toured his home. Learned a lot of history on this bike tour.
Best of luck for all of you! What a terrible worry!


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Powgirls condo is in the area just above ours.
Yep...we have a firefighter friend that checked on our place last night...no structures lost or visible damage...we were holding our breaths all day yesterday.! The firefighters did an amazing job as I heard the fire came right up to the condos.

I am sad because it sounds like the whole mountain behind us is burnt...we used to love to hike and snowshoe up there...and, now the threat of flooding.

@Little Lightning ...where did you evacuate to? I've been thinking about you...hope you are safe and comfortable...and can return home soon.

I'm tired of fires...I almost lost a home due to the Waldo Canyon fire 6 years ago...and, we came within feet of losing our current Black Forest home 5 years ago...

Praying for rain...

Little Lightning

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
So far so good. Crews are working to protect property. 20% of the area has been contained. Residents are still under evacuation. Apparently, our area is a priority over other fires in the state so a lot of man power has been sent to fight it. Power was turned off so everything in our freezer will have to go. So far that's the worst news.

We've been listening to updates from the agencies involved. I often thought that we were doomed if a fire occurred near us. However, there's a incredible amount of coordination, planning and communication happening. The agencies involved have been training for this for some time. I'm thankful that our county has been so serious about forest fires and was ready to jump into action to protect all the wonderful properties in the 2 sub divisions involved.

In the 12 years we've owned our condo the forest around us has changed dramatically. Pine beetles killed lots of trees. I fear this is only the beginning as there are many more acres left to burn.


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This was an update this evening on the fire. I live in Frisco and the fire was a couple of miles away on the other side of I70. Pretty scary. Pic was taken looking out my bedroom window on morning the fire started. 35329502_10155994388263929_4390704135662469120_n.jpg

Wednesday night update
Posted on June 13, 2018 at 9:55 PM by Julie Sutor
Here are some key updates from the Buffalo Fire Community Meeting held Wednesday evening:

Fire Updates

· There has been no new growth in the area of the fire since Tuesday evening. The fire is holding at about 90 acres and is now 20 percent contained.
· Crews have made considerable progress in mop-up and containment. Type I helicopters were working the fire all day long. Hotshot crews have been working methodically through terrain that is quite hazardous due to heavy beetle-kill.
· A Type 2 Incident Management Team is coming to take over the incident at 6 a.m., Thursday.
· No structures have been lost.
· Lightning has been ruled out as a cause. Some type of human element is likely. But the exact cause is still unknown, and the investigation could take weeks, so officials will not speculate.
· Fuel breaks around the fire have made all the difference. They provide checks on the fire and give crews a place to anchor from. These fuel breaks have been created over the last decade by the U.S. Forest Service and many partners, including Summit County, Colorado State Forest Service, Denver Water and private homeowners.

ski diva

Staff member
Thanks for the updates. It looks pretty scary, but it seems like they're making some progress, so that's good. Here's hoping things continue to improve.


PSIA 3 Children's Specialist 2 Keystone Resort
Pretty neat and scary pic of the fire zone.



PSIA 3 Children's Specialist 2 Keystone Resort
Another pic posted by a friend. The blue circle is where he lives and is just below the mandatory evacuation area.



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Wow, @KatyPerrey ...thanks for the pics! I am shocked how close it came to our condo..we are almost at the top of the hill...I can see how the fuel breaks stopped the fire from coming down to the residences...


PSIA 3 Children's Specialist 2 Keystone Resort
The evacuations were lifted to pre evacuations at 3 this afternoon for upper Wildernest and Mesa Cortina. Last I heard the containment is a 45% or so. Lots of little flair ups with the wind today but the fabulous firefighters are making great progress. Rain is in the forecast!!!!!!!

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