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Who says you need snow?


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I am extremely impressed by this and also hate this :bounce:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
That must be like one giant base grind! Wonder what sort of base structure you end up with...?


Certified Ski Diva
Haha, this reminds me of an awesome dream I had a few weeks ago. I dreamt that due to global warming they were making small amounts of artificial snow near the sanddunes at the beach ( constant top-up required, of course) but that basically as you slid down the wide gaps between the sand dunes, obviously the snow blended with the sand, and in the end you were skiing only on sand. Of course as is always the case with bizarre dreams, it all seemed completely plausible at the time and can I say, that I was skiing awesomely (Is that a word? It is now)! My skiing even felt really realistic, and I did a jump up the side of the sanddune and stayed suspended in the air for ages. My only worry in the dream being, what would the sand do to my relatively new skis. Woke up with a huge smile on my face!


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Well hello, @mitsiktity - I love the picture of you! We are glad to have your here!



Angel Diva

Thank you - was modelling my new snow pants!

Be sure to check out the “I am a pants slut” and “… jacket slut” threads. You’ll find some kindred spirits there, not to mention world-class enabling!


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Am I too skeptical or does this seem like CGI?
I've watched the video showing how they made the video, and read that everything in it is real except some part of that last bit in the jungle. I think they CG'd the chairlift into the setting. He's certainly making a name for himself.

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