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Who got the most snow this year?

ski diva

Staff member
Figures are from SKI magazine. Here's who made out best in each region:

Alyeska (AK): 848 inches

Pacfic NW
Mount Baker (WA): 647 inches

Central Rockies
Alta (UT): 547 inches

Palisades Tahoe (CA): 411 inches

Western Canada
Revelstoke (BC): 447 inches

Northern Rockies
Jackson Hole (WY): 334 inches

East Coast
Jay Peak (VT): 307 inches

Honorable Mentions
Wolf Creek,CO.: 385 inches
Snowbird, UT: 435 inches
Mt. Hood, OR: 521 inches
Kirkwood, CA: 313 inches


Angel Diva
Central Rockies
Alta (UT): 547 inches
Hmm, not sure where that number came from. The Alta website has 446 inches as the season total. It did keep snowing quite a bit after lifts closed in April, but that doesn't really count.

I wondered because Snowbird was listed as 435 inches. The difference between Alta and Snowbird is never too much.

Of course, a season total doesn't really tell the whole story. LCC/BCC didn't get any significant snowstorms for most of January and February 2022. People who skied Alta/Snowbird in 2020-21 were a lot happier with how the storms were spread over the entire winter. Here's snowfall history for Alta.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 10.32.07 PM.png


Angel Diva
Is that number typical for Jay Peak? (Please say yes because I didn't get there this year, but will definitely travel up next year)

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