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Whiteface Mtn - recommendation for snowboard instructor?


Diva in Training
Hi, I'm taking my kids skiing at Whiteface, Lake Placid next week. My 12yo son is interested in switching to snowboard. Can anyone recommend an instructor there who is good with shy, sensitive kids?


Angel Diva
Sorry, can't help with names for snowboard instructors at Whiteface.

Are you aware of how instructor certification works for PSIA-AAIS? Around here, we mostly discuss ski instructor training and certification. The same standards exist for AAIS (American Assoc. of Snowboard Instructors). There is the same requirements for Children's Specialst I/II for AAIS as PSIA. I watched a CS I training clinic at my home mountain several years ago. The trainer was on a board and the clinic participants were a mix of skiers and boarders.

You could call the snowsports school and request a AAIS L2/3 instructor. The more info you can provide about your son, the easier it will be for him to be matched with a good instructor. They want you to be a satisfied customer at the end of the lesson. My impression is that simply mentioning AAIS lets the person on the phone know you are a well-informed parent.


Angel Diva
I also can’t help with names but we just left Whiteface and had a wonderful few ski days there. We arrived at 8:20 each morning and parked next to the lodge in the Bear Den lot. Super easy to get to our “car lodge”. We saw a few lesson groups that looked very happy and friendly/smiling instructors talking with parents. Everyone seemed calm and happy (at other mtns the lesson area is often so chaotic). I hope you have a great time!

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