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Where my Morton's neuroma peeps at


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I've just joined the Morton's club, we should get a t-shirt. And cocktails.

My symptoms have been numbness between 3rd and 4th toes, and pins and needles when foot striking, but no pain, and not the pebble-under-the-foot thing, so my Dr was all "nah" about it.

Entirely thanks to this site it's been positively identified - I would never have sought a medical opinion about my symptoms had I not been here. Because it's not too bad they're tying to hit it with bulk anti-inflammatories before going down the injection route if it doesn't improve (according to Dr, "it's horrible") so I'll go alternatives for now.

And I really regret googling the surgical intervention.
The surgery is not that bad, mine was made much more complex by two toe surgeries at the same time. Otherwise it would have been a much faster and easier recovery. I also had some tendonitis in my big toe and second toe from compensating for the neuroma pain which was also causing tons of pain. That took about a year to mostly resolve. So my journey has been super complicated.

Cortisone injection was the worst, but I also think the podiatrist who did it was awful. My surgeon saw the damage and was really upset, asked me who did it. The skin on the bottom of that foot is still thinner, but the tissue is slowly coming back. And the worst part is it only caused more pain, no relief whatsoever. It still makes me so mad.


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I had a mild case a while ago. It went away, IIRC maybe I started wearing more cushioned shoes and doing a few foot exercises. I haven't kept up with the latter, although I should start up again.

I hope you can get relief soon.


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So I'm booked in for a cortisone injection next month: was pretty symptom-free apart from the numbness but it flared big time to the extent i couldn't put a shoe on. Industrial-strength anti-inflammatories sorted it within a couple of days but I figure I'm going to South America for a month soon and really don't want that to happen when I'm over there.

Husband had three alcohol injections when he had his done, whereas mine is only the one treatment so it'll be interesting to see if there's any differences in outcome.


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Well, had the injection yesterday, TBH I was dreading it as both my husband and my doctor told me horror stories about it - but it turned about to be a massive non-event. Both my husband and my doctor are men so I suspect that has something to do with it.

Achy foot last night and it felt a bit weird walking around with a half-numb foot due to the local, but today, while the sensation is altered, the tingling in my toes has gone so will see how this progresses down the line.


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Update after 6 weeks: pins and needles is still absent but there is still a slight altered sensation: I'm only aware of this really if I scratch at the bit between the toes. If I strike my foot on the ground in that area I do get a tingly-hot sort of shock up my toes, though it's not painful and I can jog without striking that area. If I've been on my feet all day I'm aware of the lump sensation but not during normal day-to-day.

Big change is no pain; it periodically flared and I wasn't able to even put a shoe on as it was so sore - that hasn't happened since, and I can live with the other stuff.

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