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When parent and kid are both done


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
OMG, I have been almost there more than once in parenting. LOLOL.
The closest I have been is standing by one of my kids as the sat crying hysterically on the patio at my local ski hill because it was time to go home. If I didnt have two pairs of kids skis and my own in my arms already......


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Oh that's funny! What mom hasn't been there more than once?


Angel Diva
so glad i am so done with this stage! And now the teen is teaching these littles to ski! Great birth control!!!

My mountain is more of a hill, lol. I'm at Ski Wentworth in Nova Scotia.
Ah, Nova Scotia is a beautiful place! Only been there in the summer and it's been a long time.

My home mountain is in Northern Virginia, a couple hours west of Washington, DC. It was a great place for my daughter to learn. Also for my friends' kids . . . and the mothers who were interested in taking lessons at the same time.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Lol. ;) it’s just me and 2 kids too. My solution to this was a jogging stroller to and from the hill. Looked really odd but carried all our things (with a rolling ski bag in tow with a mommy hook!) plus I could put a child on top of everything and still pushed like a dream. We are so tired at the end of a ski day. I still use it on days when I know the parking lot is far.


Angel Diva
Ah, memories. A long, long time ago----3 year old 3 p.m. meltdown. Classic pic in our archives. No, he hadn't fallen. He just THREW himself down on the snow.


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Angel Diva
@MaineSkiLady … i have a picture of both my kids crying with ice cream and candy in front of them because SOMETHING had not gone exactly the way they wanted.

It’s one of my favorite pictures, because it’s so hilarious in hindsight, and reminds me that in parenting their BIG personalities, I may have to shift my perspective to “get” theirs.

(They ate it ALL. It’s also possible that my breaking into gales of laughter while they cried was NOT helpful… oh well)

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