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When do you start planning your winter vacation?

ski diva

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Some people are last minute, some plan a year ahead. I'm probably in the four months or so category. I know there are lots of cost savings for planning way ahead, but I just can't get it together to do it too far in advance. What about you?


Angel Diva
I am generally in the four month catagory as well.

We skied at Xmas last year in Steamboat and will this year too. It is the only time my 3 boys have vacation together. I started planning it in early August to get good airfares ($200.00 round trip D.C.- Denver on Southwest) and find a good condo on VRBO.

My sisters and I (4 sisters and our sister-in-law) are skiing together at the end of January. I had to plan that in August so we could co-ordinate work schedules, kid's schedules, etc. It was exhausting and took 2 weeks to come to a consensus! Good thing I like my sisters!:smile:

For close by places we usually decide at the last minute to ski.

I am taking my twins out west at spring break (week before Easter) but will wait until Jan - Feb to decide where to go.


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I start planning my next winter vacation the minute my last ski trip of the season ends. I like to plan and research and learn and do anything I can to make the next ski season seem sooner than it is. Actual reservations are probably made 4-6 months in advance. Our vacation times are pretty much the same each year because of school schedules and my husband's work schedule, so this makes planning ahead much easier.


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We plan 6 months out. right now we are booking a vacation for March 07. We find that 3 bedroom condos go fast and if we want one, we need to ante up early.


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I tend to want to book up before people are ready to accept bookings :smile: Being close to local slopes means we look to go further afield for a full week - and since that's our main holiday of the year, it has to be right.


Diva in Training
For me, my winter vacation (and also my occupation) involves a few airports, a lot of baggage and i will usually cross a couple of time zones in the process....

I tend to leave things till the last minute though... more fun that way/ or way more stressful... i havnt quite decided- yet!!:eek:


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cnewbound said:
I tend to leave things till the last minute though... more fun that way/ or way more stressful... i havnt quite decided- yet!! :eek:

Crystel, We all know with you it is always fun and rarely stress! ;)

I'm with Lil, so usually it's six months out or so. Like she said, we booked our trip for March '07 last month. And, of course, I also registered for the February Women's Alpine Adventure at Okemo last month as well.

Lucky me, for the rest of the trips, I just call my Mom and head to VT. Free lodging, free food, good friends, good times --> lucky, lucky me! :smile:
(But just between us gals . . . the maid service is terrible :D )

[just kidding, of course]

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