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What's your favorite piece of outdoor gear?


Angel Diva
@Abbi - what make is your sailboat? My DH had a Sabre 28 for several years - that's how we met. We used to do the PHRF races (Class C/Cruising class) out of Wessagusset in Weymouth, MA. All the race courses were in and around Boston Harbor and Harbor Islands. We sucked and usually finished last or near last. If we weren't last it because someone ran aground or got de-masted somehow and were DNF/DQ. We also used to just sail around and visit lighthouses. We sold it when we moved to MD.

One my DC friends was big into racing. She crewed out of Annapolis/Eastport and actually traveled around the country to several races as part of a crew.

I also love polishing teak - which apparently is a very weird thing to like :becky:.
@Divegirl - sorry, I just noticed this! The boat in the picture is a Laser 28. It was the Laser boat companies 1980 something experiment in a keel boat versus the dinghies. In my younger days I did travel for racing. It was pretty wild and a whole lot of fun! Now I just race on Narragansett Bay. My recent crew have predominately been college racers and they are rock stars. I have a lot of hardware around the house because of them with this boat and my last one which was a beautiful J 27. I miss the J boat. Knowing what I know now about the world I wish I still had the somewhat smaller and easier to handle alone boat! And it was 22 seconds a mile faster on handicap! I have friends who cruise locally on a Sabre 28. Nice boat! Locally being from Rhode Island to Cape Cod to Nantucket or Block Island. I have friends who cruise locally on a saber 28. Locally being from Rhode Island to Cape Cod to Nantucket or Block Island.

Yes, if you love polishing teak you are weird! The upside of the current boat is almost no wood! It is fiberglass and Kevlar.


Angel Diva
I have a love/hate relationship with this piece of gear. That would be my 2009 green Subaru Outback. It's the best piece of outdoor equipment I own but it's old and ugly. I bought it used after I lost my car in Hurricane Sandy. Now it has 149k miles on it. It's taken me from Pennsylvania, to Maine, to Montreal. I've gone skiing and camping with it. I've driven it in ALL weather conditions. We just throw all of our gear in the back and off we go.
If we are switching to cars, I have a 2005 Honda CRV. It had been the utility car for a family in Newport, RI. So I bought it with very few miles on it. I’m just over 130,000 now. My 1990 Honda Civic had 259,000 miles when someone ran a stop sign and bent the frame. I was very sad about that! I love the car is that just go and go and go! They have a lot of personality for what they lack in beauty! :becky:
One of the more foolish things I did as a teen was riding my bike from home to Orchard Beach in the Bronx. Could’ve been killed multiple times.
We used to ride our bikes from the Pelham Bay area to Orchard Beach. We also rode to Rye Beach Playland several times on July 4 to watch the fireworks. We would maneuver past a zillion cars who were basically stopped in place. The scariest part was riding home past the lines of cars - in the dark - and knowing that a high proportion of the drivers had been drinking and an even higher proportion were frustrated that we were passing them.

We only did it once on single bikes, but several times on our tandem.

And our parents were worried! I wonder why. After the first time we didn't mention it until July 6!!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@Soujan , I have a 2011 with 191,000 miles on it. Lots of adventures in that time, but it's old and ugly too. I would upgrade, but with not being able to pay cash, don't feel like getting saddled with car payments. Old and ugly still runs great.
At least you have the newer/better looking generation.
Thanks to @Little Lightning 's recommendation, I tried out the Xero sandals. Got them last weekend and haven't worn anything else since.
My husband and I both picked up their Z Trail sandals last month and both love them for camp shoes and just around the house. So light! My husband also has their oxfords and loves them for his wide flat feet.


Angel Diva
We got our kayaks out last weekend and have been on the lake several times. Its a welcome change from walks in the neighborhood.


Diva in Training
I am a backpack addict. One of my Tumi's is always with me, except activities. Small osprey for short ones, big dakine with semi-hard back protector for snow and cycling.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have three Osprey backpacks, backpack addicts unite!

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