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What you find in pockets


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
It’s the same size as a quarter- so I think it was just given as change- but I’m curious how it got from Kenya to I think Winter Park ️ before ending up in her pocket.

Apparently we give her way too much lunch money too - because it was very lucrative emptying her pockets today.


Angel Diva
Was folding up a vest I wore last week and heard a crinkling. Yup $20. Don't remember who gave it to me. I don't think if was a sale at work....maybe....
I love finding money in my ski stuff. Usually the first time I wear it in a season, even though I’m just SURE I empty the pockets before putting it all away.

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Oh no.... I now wear a cord with my Maui Jim prescription (progressive) sunglasses.....
Back in the 80's I lost a pair of Vuarnet prescription sunglasses returning from a Snowbird trip....
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Certified Ski Diva
The last time I went skiing was at Beaver Creek and cookies were being passed out in the morning upon arrival. I wasn't hungry so I stuffed it in my coat pocket. I don't remember taking it out. I fully expect to find a pile of crumbs in my pocket when I go out tomorrow. Will report back:laughter:
I must've ate the cookie on the slope and forgot about it. Still found a pile of crumbs in my pocket... :smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I maintain that any money found in pockets can be taken as a laundry fee.

I went through an old jacket recently and found one of the old paper lift passes for the Remarkables dating from my honeymoon some 15 years ago. I obviously don't wear that jacket much.


Diva in Training
Sometimes I don't take things out of the pockets of warm clothes before putting them away before the cold weather sets in. It is always interesting what I will find in my pockets :smile: For example, I always find money (once I even found Kyrgyz soms), hair bands and other trifles.
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