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Angel Diva
Ozark finale was as immoral, dark, and disturbing as the entire show.

I liked Mel the P.I. very much and knew he would connect the dots when he saw the cookie urn at the motel. So the ending--the way we are meant to take it--was very disturbing.

Marty...He squeezed, wiggled, slimed his way through all 4 seasons. He did it in the very first episode all the way through to the last one.

Charlotte was a puzzle. She's grown, hates their life and could go off and live her own, yet doesn't. Jonah could go with her. Why did they feel like going with Nathan was their only option?

Jonah. Such a disappointment. Afterward, in picturing the screen going to black, I indulged a fantasy of Jonah moving the gun to point to Wendy and pulling the trigger. This made it better for me, because (a) it would be in line with Jonah hating his mother, (b) she would get what was coming.

Sad about Ruth -- but I loved her tragic stand, uncompromisingly in your face through to the very end. All the dreamtime sequences hinted of the sadness and futility of the past coming to roost in the present. I would have liked to see her expose Nathan after his nastiness.

Wendy - her checking herself in at the mental health facility with the intention of staying there until the kids came around was just bizarre. The opportunity to get them back by exposing Nathan was right there after he was such a prick to Ruth.

Wendy - like father like daughter? Truly unloveable. No redeeming qualities. Scratch the surface to find only darkness. Her and Marty as parents -- I guess they really were an unstoppable force, dragging down their children into their muck. Dark side of the power of love.

No heroes in this show. Even Breaking Bad was more uplifting, and that is saying a lot.
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Angel Diva
Good analysis Vicki.
Overall I feel kinda burned by the finale. The way they were going on about finally getting to walk away from it, vs the reality... too many loose ends for me. What is going to happen to the arrangement with the casino with Ruth dead and theoretically Marty of of the picture now? Or does that fall under "not my problem anymore". Would Camila accept that, "not my problem anymore?" I really wanted them to roll off into the sunset, free and clear with a new life. LOL.

I LOVED Ruth more and more. I really was hoping she wouldn't get it. So much grit. And fine, fine acting. You are right that more needed to be exposed about Nathan. They could have kept her alive for a spin off.

Wendy, I hated more and more. Something got really wrong with her. There is nothing lovable about her. It speaks to why I dislike Clare in Outlander: a control freak that can't mind her own business.

Darlene was just creepy so you expected strange things from her. I always thought Marty started along for the ride then slipped in deeper and deeper but I think you may be right that he was invested in it 100% from the start.

There were some plot elements I found confusing or downright unbelievable. I could never quite get my head around Wendy's foundation, other than filling her need for control/kingmaking and a vehicle to legitimize their fortune. Which is never questioned, really. Maybe no-one wants to know. A pharmaceutical company buy dope from a cartel or some hillbillies? Seems ludicrous to me but maybe that's how it works.

I found the last season a little less satisfying than the first three. There were episodes in the first three season where the buildup to suspense or climax scene was masterful. Season 4 felt like trying to clean up a convoluted plot with moderate success.

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