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What to watch? (need Netflix series suggestions)


Angel Diva
As the title suggests...
We gave Breaking Bad a try: with all the Emmys it has won, critical acclaim, raving fan base - but it's not for us. It's way too dark, too much lying/violence and overall gruesomeness. Maybe its the cumulative 20+ years of recovery in our house, but we found it incredibly depressing and morbid. The humorous moments and situations were more than overshadowed by anything else it had to offer.

We love a good story, well done, not too Hollywood-ish. Finding something we both agree on can be a challenge however. I love MI-5, Shelock (BBC version) Downton Abbey. We both love the history channels "Vikings" that started up last year. He loved Game of Thrones, I tolerated it.

Open to suggestions! Thanks!


ski diva

Staff member
Yeah, BB was too gruesome for me, too. And this is someone who loved the Sopranos! Go figure.

One series we absolutely loved was The Forsyte Saga, the 2002 version. Excellent! I highly recommend it.

And if you're looking for a series that's really funny: The Larry Sanders Show, starring Gary Shandling. It's a behind the scenes look at a late night talk show that ran from 1992-1998. Rip Torn is incredible.


Angel Diva
I also wanted to add that we liked Band of Brothers, but the followup The Pacific was really "meh".


Angel Diva
Like SD, I loved Sopranos and couldn't watch Breaking Bad. Series I enjoyed were House of Cards (both the American version and the original British one), Kingdom (a British series - really good), and I'm now watching Doc Martin (I've seen some of these when broadcast, but it's nice to watch in order). Also good is Orange is the new Black (or Black is the new Orange - sorry, forget which) - it's another made-for-Netflix series. There are others but can't think of them at the moment.


Angel Diva
I don't typically like shows with violence or really anything too heavy, but I loved Homeland. It's an outstanding show though I had to impose a limit of watching 2 episodes at a time otherwise I had bad dreams with Homeland characters in them. We even ended up subscribing to Showtime to watch the latest season.


Angel Diva
Darn, Homeland isn't streaming yet. And Doc Martin would never fly with DH. But keep the ideas coming, I'm looking them all up.


Angel Diva
Check out:
Battlestar Gallatica
Queer As Folk
Walking Dead - sounds stupid but the zombies do take second stage to the characters and personal drama
Babylon 5
Firefly - short, not even a full season, but good
Sex In The City


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@geargrrl Did y'all find anything you like yet? I'll give an enthusiastic +1 SkiBam's rec for the American version of House of Cards (haven't seen the British one yet).

Not sure if your DH would go for it, but I really enjoyed Friday Night Lights. If he played hs football he might be willing to give it a try.

re. Walking Dead, agree with @VickiK that it's with considering b/c of characters and interesting story lines, but I found myself covering my eyes a lot and eventually gave up on the most recent season. OH still watches it. He has more tolerance for zombie fight scenes than I do.

Something recent that I thought was very under-rated but very well done was Hostages on CBS (kind of a one-season mini-series in hour long episodes, and Homeland-esque). It may still be available on CBS if you have On Demand.

If you haven't watched it already, I think Lost would be a good one.

Btw, which series did you like in the pre-Netflix days?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Any Sopranos fans also watch The Wire? I was reluctant to watch due to the subject matter and violence but it wasn't as consistently violent as I thought, and I found the characters and story lines very compelling. Definitely has some drug themes, @geargrrl, but not as in-your-face depressing as Breaking Bad, and the acting and writing was amazing. Love the relationship between the two detectives, and interesting storyline in earlier seasons with a female detective, too.
I used to watch series with Netflix, caught up on some oldies but goodies with that process. Then I started watching newer series and wound up buying most recent seasons through iTunes which was pricey. Recently learned that I can watch many shows on line or on my tv through my Comcast subscription. Duh. Just finished watching season 3 of Rehab Addict (DIY/HGDV).

I renewed my Comcast subscription lately, added a second tv for High Def, increased my modem speed, added Showtime, and my bill went down $30/mo. and they gave me HBO and Streampix free for 2 years. Go figure!

Oh yeah, and I started watching Girls (HBO). Yes it's another group of narcissistic women, early to mid-20 somethings, but it's very clever and the main actress who is also the director (and series creator) is an Oberlin grad (as am I) and Obies are Obies!


Angel Diva
Wait until your promo runs out!
Question, how are you running your Comcast to the TV, or are you? I use a PS3 (gift from my son; I never game) to watch Netflix which is built I to the Playstation, but comcast is not. The "browser" on the PS3 is worthless. So, how do you do it?

Or ( potential Doh moment) - do you get to the streaming via On Demand?
Comcast supplies my cable so i watch the shows on "On Demand" within Comcast. When watching shows on my laptop I just sign into Comcast.com under my account. Comcast has started including multiple commercials in the middle of the show however.

If I want to watch Netflix on my TV, I use my Apple TV for access. And I have downloaded a bunch of yoga podcasts on my laptop and play them on my TV using my Apple TV and that's great, much easier to see the poses that way.

I never understood any of the AV stuff in my house and felt really stupid about it until this past fall when I renovated the room where the AV stuff is. I replaced speakers, a DVD player with a BluRay player, got an Apple TV, and was responsible for all of the set up and trouble shooting. Turned out to be pretty easy. The only weird thing is that the Apple TV remote simultaneously will start something playing on my laptop. The other day I paused the yoga podcast and when I restarted it, a random Christmas song started playing on my laptop!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Another vote for Firefly, the little show that couldn't. I was completely sucked in by the space cowboy/post civil war feel of the thing. And what's-his-buckets with the dimples, I can never remember his name.

Even though I watched Boston Legal when it was broadcast, I really loved watching the whole damn thing in order over the course of a week or two. It's not for everyone, but I could watch Jim Shatner and David Spade sit around blowing smoke forever.

I agree with you about Breaking Bad. I tried hard to watch it, but it was like Justified, too dark and grisly and full of abuse. I need at least a little sick humor if I'm going to enjoy something quite that harsh.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
If you don't like Breaking Bad then "24" very likely is not an option ;)

What about "Gilmore Girls" and "Brothers and Sisters"? I just LOVE both series and all the characters and stories… perfect for a lazy Sunday at home with hot chocolate (or, for "Brothers and Sisters", a good glass of wine).


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Here's another: "Life," starring the lead from "Homeland." Can't remember his name either, but he's brilliant, and there's something about those Botoxed-looking lips. It only ran a season or two.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Geargirl, My suggestion to follow was not a television series, but rather a Discovery Channel series documentary narrated by Gary Sinise: WHEN WE LEFT EARTH. This is about all the NASA missions, from the beginning . (Personally, I was never interested in any of that while growing up. Even in High School, I thought the entire Space Program was a waste of money and wrote an essay ---probably quite ignorant---about my views; just to turn in a paper more or less.)

Netflix has this series in their streaming collection. Wow, is all I can say. This documentary is so well done and personalized by the astronauts, NASA employees, and families of those closely involved. The series chronicles the development of the Space Program and all of the astronaut missions. The show allows the viewer to see footage that we, as a public, have never seen before...and the consequences of decisions made. Both good or disatrous. Hindsight interviews with Mission Control employees of the past are candid and refreshing. Humorous too!


Angel Diva
Whew - lots to catch up with.
GilmoreGirls, Sex in the City etc is way to "chicky" for for both of us. So is "Orange....."
We went through Firefly a few years ago.
I watched Lost when it was first on. That show just got stranger and more strange.
These days we seem to mostly agree on documentaries and reality shows. He loves Project Runway and Top Chef, and I do too. Shoot, I couldn't get him interested in BBC Sherlock which I think is awesome.
Vikings second season starts up soon - can't wait.

We are busy watching the olympics for now and the new season of Nova is broadcasting so I'm putting it on the DVR.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I also like The Americans on FX. Smart marketing to promo its Season 2 during the Sochi Olympics. It's about Russian spies in deep cover as a suburban US family in the 1970s. interesting show.

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