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What does your number of ski days say about you?

Fluffy Kitty

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
How about:

"You could have been a trustafarian, but foolishly decided to take on yet another thankless job so that you can help people who are endangered by a newly-hostile sociopolitical context, and now you can't even count on weekends, and your fancy snow tires are seeing more dirt than snow."

Yes, I'm a little bitter, but also proud.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
In my case:

“You failed to convince your employer to move you to a snowier location and they don’t pay you enough for you to be able to afford any more. The number of days you spend skiing is in inverse proportion to the number of hours spent thinking about it”


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
A little personal edit of the 121 days plus:
You are a fabulous guide de ski—that is French for ski instructor/escort. You speak nine 3 languages. You have great bottle brush grey hair, a perpetual raccoon tan and an accent (I wish) that makes divorcees swoon. Your clients fly you around the world (guilty as charged). You keep them from falling (is that not enough?) in crevasses. You nod and smile approvingly at their powder turns. You call ahead to reserve the corner table at cafes in the Alps, the Andes, Chez Henri and the Octagon. Tetons and beyond, because I hate the stress of not eating when I am starving and teaching a lesson.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
How about... my husband refuses to move to Utah and generally the SoCal mountains don’t get real snow and the 2 hour plus drive up during the week to ski for 2 hours and then drive back down mountain 2 hours to be late picking up your kids and rushing them from place to place doesn’t make for as many ski days as 1 would wish.

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