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What are you doing to stay in shape?


Angel Diva
Walking and yoga. Got a fitbit last year and am closing in on one solid year of 10,000+ steps per day. Yes, I know it's an arbitrary number, but anything I picked would be arbitrary, so I just went with the default. and it's working - I've lost 12 pounds during this time, and my initial goal was 10. What I need to add is some actual cardio, and some light weights.


Staff member
Gym, cardio and weights x 2 per week. Paddle practice x 2 per week. Hopefully get the OC-1 out this weekend.

CCWC in Sarasota Florida this July. Canadian Nationals in Montreal in August.


Angel Diva
Graduated from physical therapy and enrolled in personal training at my gym. Going twice a week plus one additional day.

Still doing my physical therapy exercises daily and walking several times a week. Have begun bowling (so far pretty poorly!) for the summer.


Angel Diva
So now that it's the off season, what are you doing to stay in shape?
Now that I’m feeling better I’ll start doing Tonal again (weightlifting version of Peloton). Also walking with my dogs, hiking and swimming this summer.
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Angel Diva
Yoga, Pilates, Zumba each approx 1x/week. Soon to add a bit of stationary bike to prepare my butt for a 4 day, 25-40 miles/day trip in Sept!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I'm eagerly awaiting the start of my season so ramping up - had nearly 2 months doing nothing in Feb-March as the offroad triathlon I was aiming for got cancelled and then I got Covid, but now training (slowly) for a 12km trail run and hopefully getting back into aerial classes next week! Also will be heading to the indoor slope to make sure I still know how to snowboard, and there's an early season demo day next Monday evening so I'll take my skis up then for comparison.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I walk almost every day year round and May-Oct I will kayak and or paddle board 2-3X/week. Casual bike riding. Also gardening and mowing the lawn (this replaces shoveling and snow blowing during the winter).
I'm not a gym person by any means and prefer to do "natural" exercise or I'd likely not do anything if I had to go to a gym.


Angel Diva
Golf every week - walk the nine holes. Also physio and other exercises for arthritic neck, plus yoga and as much walking as possible. Not sure if I'll paddle - depends on neck!

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