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What are Divas reading?

@SkiBam sounds totally cool!
Will you be doing writing too or just reading

You may enjoy also the dorothy gilman mrs polifax series
Ooh, thanks so much for the recommendation. Will definitely look for Mrs Polifax.

We are actually doing a bit of writing, although that's not really part of the course. One of the things we read about was the Detection Club, which was made up of some of the big names (Agatha Christie, P.D. James, etc.) They wrote a serial mystery (called The Floating Admiral, which I haven't read), where each person wrote a chapter following on what had been written before. So our group decided to try something similar - just a couple of pages each. I think four of us have contributed so far but others have committed to do so. It will be most interesting to see what we end up with!


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@RachelV - Just finished Educated. Wow! So glad I followed up on your mention of it.
We just read that for one of my book clubs - eye opening. For my book clubs I am about to start:
-The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 ¼ Years Old
-The Forgetting time


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I read mostly free rubbish from Apple Book Store :bolt: Some of them are too bad even for me and I quit reading way before end but some I actually like and even buy something from the same writer (which is the point of free books I assume).
I am just getting into listening instead of reading. It's a whole different experience for me! I read really fast, and I've found by listening to a book I've read before that I am gaining lots of nuance and detail that I missed first time around. I listen when I'm working and driving, how about you?
I listen when I'm working and driving, how about you?
I take audio books for long drives. Usually a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Really learned a lot from Pacific by Simon Winchester, read by the author. He researched a selection of key events in the last 70 years that not only had a major impact on the Pacific Ocean, but will impact the world in ways that are still unknown.
We also listen on drives, and I find that I’ll listen to things that I might not physically read. It certainly does make the drive go a lot faster. I have problems listening at other times (working out, cleaning, etc.) because my mind wanders and then I miss stuff.

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