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Walking backwards


Angel Diva


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Yes, My pickleball partner does this regularly at his gym. My husband does this as well, mostly on hiking trails when walking our dog. I have recently purchased a Maxi Climber and use it with my back facing the unit and stepping backwards. Backwards is a great exercise.


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It has come up in various feeds for me lately, and I've bookmarked them but not tried it yet.


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I regularly did this as part of a weekly running speedwork and drills session about a decade ago. I don't think it's entirely new science, but it may be becoming more popular.


Angel Diva
I remember doing that during the early stages of knee rehab. Did it often when using elliptical type machines at the fitness center that I could go backwards or forwards. Backwards was easier when ROM wasn't back to normal yet.


Angel Diva
I came across an article that extolled the benefits of walking backwards. Has anyone incorporated this into their PT or physical fitness routine?

Yes. Walking backwards was both something recommended by my PT for my hips & pelvic instability, plus something we did in water-aerobics-for-arthritis. I found it really helped reset my muscle activation/firing patterns. Walking backwards can improve your stability walking forwards! Unless going backwards is causing you pain, I can only see it helping balance & body awareness overall.


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Good to know! It's sort of in my PT routine- I do "monster walks" (walking in a crouched position with a resistance band around my legs) forwards and backwards. Except for week 1 when I forgot that it was supposed to be backwards, at home I was turning around when I got to the end.

I also remembered going to a lecture by a pediatric ortho who recommended backwards walking for tight Achilles tendons.


Angel Diva
For me, it's also really good for working out a bit of hip tightness if I go slow-mo and feel the stretch as I reach my leg backwards to seek the ground with the ball of my foot each stride. Helps force balance on the front supporting foot, too (note: do not lock knee). Try to keep an active core, upright chest throughout.

I do a lot of ski drills without skis or ski boots on!

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