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Wachusett 2019 /20

I know there is the MA / NH thread going, but I thought I'd see if a Wawa specific thread might bring some other Divas out of the woodwork that are local to the area.

Wachusett opened last Friday and was open for the weekend, but weather hasn't been that good since then. They might spin the lifts again tomorrow, so I am keeping an eye on their website and making sure my bag is packed up and ready to start the season.
If I do make it out tomorrow, it will be my earliest start to the season so far. Last year I started on Black Friday. In part it was to ski, in part it was to shop. They had a special that if you bought a $100 cow card (gift card good for anything at Wawa including passes, lessons, food, etc.) you would get a Wachusett hoodie and an early season lift ticket. They are still doing the free hoodie this year, but I don't think they are doing the lift ticket. But they are running a special of a full tune and wax at their shop for $50 with a free early season ticket. In any case, I plan on getting a few Cow cards to pay for lessons. I am determined to make it to the Women's Clinics this year on Thursday mornings!

Also coming up soon is their early season demo day on December 7- $39 for lift ticket and demos (free for passholders.)
I skied at WaWa on Sunday with a friend; conditions (then) were quite good, and slopes were relatively empty. We haven't had natural snow in MA, or I expect it would have been more crowded. Have fun Friday!


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I'm planning on going tomorrow to start my season too. I have plans for early morning so I probably won't get there until 10:30 or so.
It was a great first day for me. Not everything is open yet, but enough for a fun start of the season. I started out with some warm up runs on Ralphs, when I met up with @BlueSkies on the lift. We did a few runs on Challenger then headed over to the other lift and lapped Conifer. The surface started out quite firm, but with the sun out it softened up just the right amount by lunch time over on Challenger where I finished up my day. Good skiing, meeting up with another Diva for good company, what's not to like?
Has anyone done the NASTAR adult race league at Wachusett? Sounds kind of fun, but also very scary to a non-racer. Scary as in afraid to make a fool of myself! :rotf: They say you don’t need any experience though. There is an information session in December where you can take some runs and learn more.
Anyone having a powder day at Wachusett today? Last I saw was that they’ve gotten 10 inches from the storm, and presumably will get some more.
I didn't get up early since I was expecting it to be wet snow. Only to hear this morning that it was light and fluffy! And the Bullock lodge is open as of today. Oh well. Betweem this storm and some colder overnight temps, I'm hoping they can get the rest of the runs open for the demo day on Saturday.


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Just saw this thread! I've been able to get up to Wawa three times so far this year. Last time was Sunday. Conditions have been great!

I have to give some props to the MTN Side Ski Shop. I bought my first-ever pair of boots there last March. I skied in them maybe 4 days late last season/early this season. They'd made a couple rounds of adjustments (including blowing out the shell to accommodate a bunion), but I realized the boots were just too narrow for me, as my feet were going numb after 1 run and I couldn't comfortably stand in them for more than ~5 minutes at a time. I went into the shop earlier this month and they ended up fitting me in a completely different pair, let me demo the new pair for a few runs, AND allowed me to exchange my originals for the new boots. :hail:
I went to the website to look a the webcams and see how busy it is at Wawa between the fresh snow and the holiday weekend. There's actually a banner running across the top of the page saying that they were sold out of day tickets.


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I was there today - a friend came up to try skiing for the first time this long weekend. I knew it would be crazy and YUP IT WAS! Lol. Thankfully most people had a pretty good attitude about the crowds. I think the lifts were possibly running a bit slower because the slopes didn’t feel more awfully crowds than a regular good conditions weekend, but the lift lines took 15-25 minutes at times.

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