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Vonn "Summer ... like a winter Olympian" ad

I really like her, she's not afraid to be silly and she's not shy. I believe she actually made JJ Watt blush with what she said when they were side by side on the red carpet at some awards show. I also want to look like her when I grow up, she's beautiful.

Such a cute commercial. I loved the fencing, so cute.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I laughed so hard at her tangled up in the ribbon.

Yeah, that was my favorite part, although I also enjoyed her trying to get on the horse. It's odd they show her giving up at the lifting station, as she does tons of strength training, but I'm willing to overlook for the joke - glad they didn't show her messing that up, since that would be silly and also dangerous.


Angel Diva
The ribbon-tangle and the hammer throw when she hits her leg/foot are my two favorites. I laugh every time. (This is from a person who has managed to run a pallet jack over her own toes, on more than one occasion.)

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