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Volkl RTM 84, Atomic Vantage 90, and Line Supernatural


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This isn't really a review, just some impressions from my experience demoing today. I actually would appreciate any feedback anyone might have, since I'm still trying to learn about different ski types. I'm not really after a new ski, just like to try things out when I get a chance, then I try to figure out why I like what I like and vice-versa.

Me: 5'8", 170lbs. 47 yrs old, intermediate skier. I demoed the skis at Camelback in the Poconos, but for once it wasn't icy, just normal groomed runs, some blue some black. I was on each ski for at least two hours. I normally ski a 170cm Volkl Kendo. I have begun to suspect that 170 in the Kendo is too short for my liking, so I opted for some longer skis today, and I'm glad I did.

1. Atomic Vantage 90, 177 cm.
So much fun I didn't want to swap it out. The length was perfect. I see this ski compared to the Kendo quite a bit, but I found it to be lighter and more nimble. If the Kendo is Business Time, the Vantage 90 feels like Casual Friday. My only complaint was that I would have liked more edge hold, but that could have been the shop tune.

2. Line Supernatural 86mm, 172 cm. I did not expect to like this ski so much, and in fact didn't even know that Line made non-twin-tip skis. The Supernatural was very light, had incredible edge grip, and gave a really nice "poppy" feeling from turn to turn. I picked it for a lark and Im not sure what purpose it would serve on my roster of skis, but boy was it fun.

3. Volkl RTM 84 uvo 177cm. HOLYMOTHEROFDOG. This ski is unbelievable. :yahoo: I honestly think I would be better served by selling my Kendos and skiing the RTM 84. They felt like stable, fast, carving machines. I have 163cm Charismas that I now completely overpower but I think I miss having a stable, turny ski for hardpack days (which is all of them here). It was love after the first run with these carving machines. The slightly wider waist seemed to make it easy to transition from boilerplate to sand dunes of granular snow really easily.


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I've been selling some old outdoor equipment on ebay for the past few months and recently noticed that my Paypal account was at a nice little level. A level that would support, say, the purchase (at summer sale prices) of some 2017 bindings and skis. Next thing you know, I have a pair of last year's Atomic Vantage 90ctis and clearance-discounted Tyrolia Attack 13's on order. :banana:

I love spring skiing--give me a mashed potatoe-y slush-fest and I'll have fun all day. I've been looking for a light, nimble, floaty-ish mid-width ski for that sort of snow, and I think the Vantage will be great for that.


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those Supernaturals were a Huge surprise to me too. the Rep saw me ski and begged me to try..they were fun But I still liked the Atomics better


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I haven't tried any of the Supernaturals but they came out of the Prophets, which to me were so underestimated. I have the 98 version and even though it's getting a little long in the tooth, I still ski it with great pleasure. It's just incredibly consistent in a variety of terrains and conditions, and I assume the Supernatural is like that as well.

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