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Vermont Skiing 2018-2019


Angel Diva
Heard that the new Stowe website doesn't have any webcams any more. It's very obvious to anyone who looks at the website that it's part of Vail Resorts at this point.


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Killington started blowing snow yesterday and there's some chatter that they may open next week. I'd love to ski in October, so if they are open and I'm free, I would definitely go. My days off are weekdays, so that would make the WROD situation more bearable I hope.


Angel Diva
Killington started blowing snow yesterday and there's some chatter that they may open next week. I'd love to ski in October, so if they are open and I'm free, I would definitely go. My days off are weekdays, so that would make the WROD situation more bearable I hope.
Just make sure you take your rock skis!


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Just make sure you take your rock skis!
Ha ha, I figured I'd take my cheapo alpine touring set-up just to see how it feels. If I destroy anything, well...I think I have access to pro deals via work, so it'd be a real shame to have to upgrade.....


Angel Diva
I was at Killington the Monday before Thanksgiving last year. The coverage on the open trails was plenty deep enough that I wasn't worrying about my bases. Only a couple ways down skiing off the gondola but had a good time.


Angel Diva
Mountain Times was a few hours early on this article about Killington snowmaking this week.
Snow is in the air at Killington

". . .
While the resort has yet to announce a target for opening day, snowmaking lit up on Killington and Skye Peaks just before dawn Tuesday, Oct. 16. Snowmaking crews will begin to build stockpiles on the North Ridge trails, which open to the public first, and on the Superstar trail, which will host the Killington Cup races.

Killington’s snowmaking system can pump more than 720,000 gallons of water through 240 snow guns, covering 80 acres with 12 inches of fresh snow in a matter of hours.
. . ."


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Don't know how to cut and paste on my tablet.... but had a FB post with Sallycat's info. Friday pass holders only etc.
They do have to get coverage for the races, but this time the weather has helped them out. It’s supposed to warm up for a few days ... we will see!

In their efforts to open first and close last they do go to extremes. The mud last spring was definitely winning over what little slush was left! 2AAD099C-FAEC-480B-A0E8-EBF8B5B9E81C.png
From Killington!! The longest season in the East begins this Friday, October 19!
Reserved exclusively for Season Pass, Express Card, Beast365 and Ikon Pass holders, the first turns will start at 10am. Beginning Saturday, October 20, we'll be open to the general public.
Learn more: www.killington.com/conditions


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Here are some pics from yesterday at Killington:

Superstar getting hammered with snow:
Screenshot 2018-10-23 08.25.52.png

View of the two open trails (Rhyme and Reason) from below.
Screenshot 2018-10-23 08.26.17.png

Me about to go under the guns for another run. I kept wishing the temps would rise just enough so they'd turn them off but it never got above 32.
Screenshot 2018-10-23 08.26.31.png
Thanks for the pics!

Found a video from April 2017 about the extra air compressors that are rented during early, early season to get Superstar ready for the World Cup. I remember reading in a Killington magazine that they are were using a few of the original snow guns because they do better in marginal conditions. Not sure that's still true, but no question that Killington knows how to build a base as soon as temps dip into the high 20s or low 30s in October.

Mt Snow is opening this weekend! Earliest opening ever. The investment in snowmaking infrastructure is paying off. Takes a lot of money and stubbornness. What I learned this summer is that the founder of Peak Resorts had decades of experience with snowmaking in the midwest before he expanded into the northeast. According to a son, he likes to get out and help Mt. Snow snowmakers every so often. Two of Tim Boyd's sons are actively involved in Peak Resorts.


Mount Snow Announces Earliest Opening Day in 64-Year History

Mount Snow, VT. – October 23, 2018 – Mount Snow, which was recently named Best Snow in The East by Ski Magazine, is pleased to announce that it will open for skiing and riding at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 27 with the most skiable terrain in The East.

“Mother Nature came through with the right temperatures allowing our team to utilize the $30 million investment we made in our snowmaking system during our West Lake Water Project to celebrate the earliest opening day in our 64-year history,” said Erik Barnes, vice president & general manager of Mount Snow. “We know that skiers and riders all over The East are champing at the bit to get out there and enjoy the slopes, and we can’t wait to welcome them all on Saturday.”

On Saturday, October 27, Mount Snow will open for skiing and riding with lifts running from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please note that there will be no beginner terrain available. Additional terrain may be added as temperatures allow for further snowmaking operations, with up-to-date trail, terrain, and conditions information available on the Snow Report. Mount Snow will start the ‘18/19 season with weekends-only operations before welcoming guests seven days a week at a date to be announced.

. . ."
Killington has Upper Great Northern open today. No more need to walk down to get to North Peaks. But still have to walk up in order to download on the gondola.

Starting to get interesting to look at the snow coming down on the Kton and Mount Snow webcams.
Mount Snow has two lifts open and top-to-bottom skiing. Sounds like lifts might not stay open until the usual closing time once the wind picks up in the afternoon.

"7:02 AM SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2018
Good morning and happy opening day!

Opening day is here and we plan to begin skiing and riding for the 2018/19 season this morning starting at 8:00 a.m on Canyon Express, so be sure you’re lined up at the right lift!

Yesterday, our snowmakers were able to make some major gains from the top of Canyon right down into the base area, with our fan guns hammering the trails as the temps dipped into the low 20s. It was their hard work and mastery that has led us to be able to open this morning with top-to-bottom skiing and riding, making it the earliest opening day in our 64-year history.

The plan today is to spin Canyon Express and Challenger lifts which will access skiing and riding on Cascade, Free Fall, River Run, High Traverse, and Canyon. While Canyon will be open for skiing, it has had the least amount of time for snowmaking operations, so we recommend using this trail only for access back down to the main base area, and not for lapping. That being said, Free Fall is looking great as favorable temps helped us to really build up a great base over there. Note: Early season conditions do exist and there will be no beginner terrain available today.

On the weather front, it’s looking like the first half of today could be better than the second half, as we’re slated to start the day with temps in low 30’s and 1-3” of snow, which is then forecasted to warm and transition into some unfrozen precipitation. We’re East Coast skiers and riders though, so we’re not going to let a little wintery mix bother us! The wind may also play a starring role in today’s operations. While it’s dead calm as I type this, it is slated to pick up to wind speeds of as high as 30-45mph with a potential for gusts up to 55, which has the potential to cause wind holds.
. . ."
Abbreviated day at Killington today. Powerline issue that resulted in lines down shortly after lunch time. Auxilary power was used to get folks off the mountain. Announced opening time for Sunday, 10/28 is 11am.

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