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Utah - Deer Valley December 8-12 conditions


Certified Ski Diva
Wow....I’m impressed too! Heard from my ski instructor at Deer Valley today and he said the mountain was good! Enjoy


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
So today was a beauty. The temp was around 30 and the sun peeked out for a bit. I brought my flat light goggles ( Oakley Rose Priam which save me in white out yesterday) out again today and they worked fine. This is my first time at Deer Valley. Although the whole mountain is not open yet, there are plenary of runs to keep one busy. I was able to enjoy their beautifully groomed slopes this morning and it was so much fun! I skied 40 miles an hour (so says the Ikon app) down runs without feeling insecure because it’s so smooth. I think their blues and even greens are a bit steeper than what I’ve encountered at Alta and Winter Park, but for me, that was ok. I wanted to try some more advanced runs so I signed up for a group lesson. Since I was the only one in my level, I ended up having a private with a wonderful instructor. He helped me with some basics ( balance and looking up) and then we worked on some ungroomed blues and blacks. I feel I learned a lot and have so much to work on. But more importantly for me, I gained a lot of confidence. I think that Deer Valley is good for that since everything is so well cared for and the runs are almost perfect. I have 3 more days and the weather has been great. Yesterday I skied all day in snowfall (I think we got 10 inches) and we have a bunch of clear days ahead. I could go on about how I love the overnight check of skis and boots, but I won’t. This place is special. Right now it’s 6 and I’m in my pjs, drinking a beer. In for the night!

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