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User Titles: How your site access changes the more you post


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You may have noticed that everyone on The Ski Diva has a "user title" under their name. Here's an example:

These titles will be one of the following:

Diva In Training (0 - 24 posts)
When you first register for The Ski Diva, your title is Diva In Training. At this level you can post to all of the public forums on the site, but not the private forums.

Certified Ski Diva (25 - 99 posts)
After you've posted 25 times, your title will change to Certified Ski Diva. This lets you post in all forums on the site, both public and private. Private forums include:
- The Meet On The Hill forums, where we discuss in person meetups and trips. It's nice to have some additional privacy around "real life" plans.
- Gear & Lodging Swap forums, where you can trade gear and accommodations with other Divas.
- A general private forum to talk about anything you'd prefer to keep away from Google's wandering eyes.

Ski Diva Extraordinaire (100+ Posts)
Once you've posted 100 times, your title will change to Ski Diva Extraordinaire. This doesn't bring any additional perks beyond the respect and appreciation of your fellow forum members. :smile:

Angel Diva (supports the site)
If you've made a monetary donation to support the site, your title becomes Angel Diva. Running this site isn't free from a financial or time perspective, and we deeply appreciate anyone who donates when they get value from what we've got going on here. Stay tuned for easier ways to support the site, and perks for Angel Divas that include an ad-free forum.


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Thanx @RachelV . How do we contribute to the site? I was looking for a "contribute" or "donate" button but maybe I'm not looking hard/deep enough.



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Thanx @RachelV . How do we contribute to the site? I was looking for a "contribute" or "donate" button but maybe I'm not looking hard/deep enough.


Thanks for asking. In the past you've contributed by sending money directly to @ski diva. I'm setting things up so you can pay directly through the site -- which is a feature the forum software we use supports -- but it's not quite ready yet. I will post a thread and update here when it is!

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