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U.S. Nationals and We Were Third :D


Instructor PSIA L 3, APD Alpine Ski training MHSP
OMG! Contesstant! I can't believe that I didn't see this before! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I just teared up looking at your photo's this is so hugh!!!! I am so proud of you guy's! Flippin' awesome job!!! I know how hard that goal was to acomplish!!! He is beautiful! Both of you deserve relaxation take a couple of months off let him chill in the pasture and you can ski! P.S. I learned the best trick this weekend to get and keep the white hair white on my guy's legs unsented Huggies baby wipes! Worked un believably well on urine and grass stains! Spent the weekend doing a centered riding clinic. I felt like Chrome was a shetland pony standing lined up with all of the other ladies on their hugh warm bloods with me on my little paint! Lol! Congratulations again I'm living vicariously through your show success hopefully next year will be better for me!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Thank you thank you THANK YOU! It sure was fun! He is getting time off at my very good friend's beautiful barn for the winter, so I don't get to see him much --maybe once a week :( but he sure is happy. We have been going on trail rides when I do get out there, and I'm so proud of him--he loves it and is very brave, which has not been one of his stronger attributes in the past. I'm actually searching for an inexpensive western trail/work saddle that will be a little more secure and just more comfy for trail riding. I can't spend too much because it'll cut into my ski budget :D

I keep saying I might give him all of next show season off, but I know myself too well--once ski season ends, I'll be looking to fill that time and it's always riding and showing!

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