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Two Weeks in Alaska - July 2019

Ski Sine Fine

Angel Diva
@Ski Sine Fine - I completely agree with @Christy. There is sooooo much to see in AK from the comfort of cars, busses, trains and light walks in the woods. You can see a ton of Denali on a tour bus. The train up to Denali was amazing, they even have cars that have 360 degree windows that were really sweet. I’ve heard the train going southbound to Seward or Whittier is just as spectacular. Helicopter tours, flightseeing tours on planes, not to even get started on the glacial cruises or longer cruises offered. Not sure what the Exit glacier paths looked like when you were there, but you can get to some lookouts to see it with a 1/4 mile walk on a paved path now.

Amazing that you’ve gone to the exit glacier before. I’d love to go back in 10-20 years and see how it’s changed. Not sure I’ll be ready for the changes that are coming, but still would be interesting to witness.
Ten years ago I did a lot of hiking. Five years ago I did a lot of tour buses. Took the train from Seward to Denali the first time and the reverse the second. The first time the weather was clear the entire week and we saw the summit from everywhere. The second time it was foggy and did not see the peak at all.

I used to do a lot of hiking. Alas, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, and a torn meniscus are the bane of my existence now. It’s a good day when I can do 3 miles without some part of me complaining.


Angel Diva
It's pretty easy to explore Southeast without hiking (there are relatively few hiking trails there anyway), and without resorting to tour buses or big cruises. Base in a town that doesn't get hammered by cruise ships and do the small locally owned excursions, which are usually boat trips as that's how you get around there. You can rent a car and explore some areas as well.

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