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TR Vail/Beaver Creek, Feb 22-29, 2020


Angel Diva
Just got back yesterday from my Ski Club's trip to Vail, which is huge and beautiful.

Lodging: Vail Spa Condominiums, located at the eastern end of Lionshead Village, across the street from the Marriot and Ritz Carlton. Very nice and comfortable units. Beautiful pool/spa areas. It's not too far from the slopes, but rather than walk too much in our boots with our gear, so we'd take the in-town shuttle that stopped across the street a couple of stops closer to the base area and booted up at the $4 coin lockers.

Lift Tickets: I'd been to Vail in 2004-ish. There's been a lot of development since then. Day pass lift ticket - $209. I paid $470 for a 5-day Epic Pass. We skied 4 days at Vail and 1 day at Beaver Creek.

Apres/Village life: Lots of places to go, a variety of restaurants, nightlife, interesting boutiques...just what I'd expect here. The Burton U.S. Open Snowboard Championship was on, so lots of young people were out and about. We had 3 group dinners, ate dinner in the condo twice, and went out twice. I feel the need to buy a small bottle of Jagermeister. I didn't like it at first sip, but it somehow seems necessary to make sure.

Weather: Foggy & light snow, then partially cloudy, and the last day was spectacular.

Beaver Creek was very nice. What was groomed was beautiful, but the double blacks of the Birds of Prey and Grouse Mountain chairs were crazy steep, ungroomed. Not for me. It was easy to get to Beaver Creek from Vail via the shuttle bus, about 20 minutes on the express bus.

Crowds: Not bad during the week. Sunday was a little crowded, and Friday (the bluebird day) it was daunting, especially in the back bowls. Daunting because there were so many people and so many crazies.

Lesson Learned: Do a better job of picking which day to take off. We took Monday, Day 2, off, and skied 4 days, Tuesday-Friday, consecutively. Tiring for the legs and body.

Overall, a very good trip.


Angel Diva
I came home with a cold. Everyone is hyper-vigilant now about the corona virus. Ugh.


Angel Diva
Thanks for the TR. Considering which season to get an Epic pass to go check out Colorado ski resorts owned by VR.


Angel Diva
I’m thinking about getting Epic next year. The Fella’s son wants us to go to Vail with him instead of Winter Park.


Angel Diva
Were there groomers on Grouse Mountain?
Not that I could see, from the Talons restaurant at the base of Birds of Prey & Grouse Mountain chairs. All big bumps. Gary skied the men's downhill course from Birds of Prey. He said even what he thought was groomed, was not.

just jane

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
We did 2 days in Beaver Creek and one in Vail Feb. 23-25. Nothing groomed on Grouse Mountain. The snow was AMAZEBALLS though.

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