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Angel Diva
OK, not all that interested in cooking but I'm hosting family Thaksgiving next Sunday. I've done the regular meal before so that's not an issue, but now we have two vegans coming. How do I coordinate adding a tofurkey to the other dishes? We've been using the slow cooker to keep the potatoes warm after making them earlier in the day, but given that every other dang thing to cook needs the oven, I'm wondering if anyone has a good slow cooker tofurkey recipe?

We can also pull the grill into action, I suppose, and use it like an oven? Or at least a warmer?

Also wondered about maybe a tofurkey casserole sort of dish?

Help me, please! It takes all I've got to coordinate everything else and we're going to have maybe 15 people here, which equals the most I've ever done a Thanksgiving for.
The serious answer: Either ask them to bring a main dish they like, or ask them for a recipe. We always do our holidays semi pot luck with everyone bring parts of it. Also, if it's their recipe or they bring it, you won't run into other issues by accidentally adding some other non-desireable food to the dish.

The non serious answer: tofukey is gross, as is all that stuff. Embrace meat or quit with the fake stuff. There are plenty of delicous vegan/vegetarian options that don't have to have fake turkey in them for protien and/or holiday cheer. Ijust don't get tofurkey, soy bacon, soy cheese... it's all gross.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My youngest went vegetarian a few years back, and always wants something similar to what everyone else is eating, but the left over tofurkey always goes uneaten. I take that to mean it isn't all that good, it just looks similar. This year I got a Trader Joes version, we will see if that one is any better. They are usually sold out by the time I think about it. But to be honest, just having plenty of vegetarian sides available should do the trick. If the TJ vegan option isn't well liked this year, I will probably just start making a stuffed Portobello as the vegetarian main. Could be made as a hobo pack and tossed in the oven with everything else


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I've done nice stuffed acorn squash, made veggie alfredo style, using soft tofu and twice baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, along with all the other veggies, corn, broccoli, salads, fresh cranberry sauce, vegetarians/vegans should be fine.

Some where have a vegan chocolate cake that is superb and there are tofu cheese cakes using tofu. I think the Tofurky is kind of weird to me.

Make a list of all the items you have to cook.
Put the cooking pot & serving dish, serving spoon on list and in a spot on a table and time to bake & temp of oven.
I pull out a card table to set all my items especially serving dishes and spoons.
Then you can Organize the cooking of items in shifts.
Look for everything you can do a head of time.
mashed potatoes can be done early yes to crock pot, sweet potato casseroles, green bean casserole can be done early. the Vegan dinner- stuffed acorn squash or twice baked potatoes are easy to reheat.

Use coolers and since it's chilly outside don't need to worry about spoiling for extra frig space
yes to the grill for warming rack but watch that you don't burn the bottoms.
Order Pies from a good bakery so you don't have to bake too!

Don't burn the rolls, Our family long standing joke after cooking all day we always seemed to scorch
the rolls baking them off last while the turkey rests.

Try not to stress!


Angel Diva
I assume it's gross, too, but since she specifically mentioned it I figured I should just go with it. Maybe lots of spices help it?

We'll have potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, rolls, rice, and vegetable based gravy as part of the regular meal that all qualify as vegan. Sounds awfully starch heavy, doesn't it? Any suggestions for a good side dish that would fill them up if the tofurkey is a bust? Maybe I could make a hearty vegetable stew?

I honestly don't know what she eats normally, have to find out this week. And now there's a third one coming, so I hope she likes it, too.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
could do a big plate of roasted veggies. butternut squash soup is easy.. brush up on what "not" to use for vegans and keep cooking pans, spoons separate, some vegan/veggies want it totally separate.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Is crumbled tofu gross, too? I remember seeing that when I'm buying black bean burgers, and I assume I could use that like ground beef?
there's different styles of tofu, soft, silken (put in blender and make sauces) then medium, firm, I've made 'fake egg salad w/tofu, I've baked it sliced thin w/garlic, other spices and splash of tamari and made almost jerky or if bake a long time made tofu chips. not quite sure what tofu crumbles would be.. maybe fake feta cheese? tofu has a very mild taste and needs seasoning to make it taste better. the crumbles would work mixed in w/veggies in a stuffed squash. beware of tofu cheese it doesn't melt is like plastic, pretty gross (why vegan doesn't work for me)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
If I felt I had to have a tofurkey, I'd buy a premade one.

Saw a post on FB today for a vegan roll ... much like a jelly roll, but filled with chopped veggies, I think. That sounded good.
I still vote with asking them to bring something. As someone with dietary issues, I do not expect my host(ess) to go out of their way for me. I actually think it's kind of unreasonable to expect you to cook for a dietary restriction you aren't familiar with on top of all the other things you'll be doing.
Roasted cauliflower? You could make it the day before and reheat. Also roasted brussel sprouts are good too. They taste nutty.

Yes, this is delicious but being familiar with vegans and vegetarians nothing irks them more than having ....vegetables, bread and salad to choose from and not a substantial protien/complex carbohydrate dish.


Angel Diva
She's bringing vegan stuffing now.

There's a vegan/gluten free/etc. restaurant in town that I think I'll go buy some salad from. Their menu online has no descriptions, but several of them are marked as vegan - the ones with the +. Guess I'll see what looks interesting when I get there.



Ski Diva Extraordinaire
and another space saver. if you use your grill as warming area, set up a double boiler.. then you won't have to worry about burning anything.. sounds like a good plan.. I see things I'd like to try from your restaurant! Yum!

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