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Tips for advanced skiers over 50 planning to ski until 80+

While it's great to be able to continue skiing the usual way while getting older, sometimes a little help is needed. Check out how much fun this 92yo woman had on a bi-ski at Wildcat. She used to ski at all over New England. Her son discovered how much fun an adaptive volunteer can have a while back. He works with an adaptive organization that's based at Attitash in NH that is active all over New England. Go to YouTube for more about him.



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A client of mine did this for his MIL. She wanted to go skiing. They have a program called "mountain for all" at Tremblant. I can still remember standing in line at the TGV when they loaded the sled on, and then dropped it! The next chair had my client on it, so he got off. When I got to the top I knew the instructor who was operating the sled and mentioned that that wasn't a nice thing to do to Mrs B! She thoroughly enjoyed her ride as she didn't know any better!!
Discovered a wonderful film made back in 1975 about the Wild Old Bunch who ski Alta. The film starts at 25 min and lasts about 6 min. The hour long video is a compilation of a few films. Great powder skiing on straight skis by folks age 60 and up.

The Wild Old Bunch is an informal group that started out around 1970. Can find them midweek at Alf's at the round table around 11:00 all season long. Look for patches for 70+, 80+, and perhaps even 90+. I've talked to a few on chairlift rides several times. Always good stories.