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Thoughts on buying a season pass


Diva in Training
I am currently trying to decide if I should buy an Epic local pass for the 2020 - 2021 season. I have bought one the past few years. I live in Michigan and ski at our local Vail hill Mt. Brighton as well as travel out west at least once per season and normally ski Beaver Creek or Breckenridge. With all of the uncertainty, are you ladies going ahead with your pass purchases? Thanks.


Angel Diva
I'm waiting. Had already started thinking about 2020-21 back in late March. But had several different options based on considering Ikon, Epic, and/or MCP. Only multi-resort pass I intend to get for sure is the Indy Pass. But that wasn't going to be available until early September in any case.


Certified Ski Diva
We are just waiting for now. We haven't received any updates from either Ikon or Epic pass regarding early bird pricing extensions. We have the added question of how out of country health insurance is going to be handled. If all else fails we can go cross country skiing in the park down the road.
I’ll get Epic Military for sure as my local hills are on it. I usually do at least one trip to Breckenridge every year. I was going to get IKON Base too to go back to Taos and Copper, but now I’ll wait. Absent a vaccine or antibodies testing, I’m not sure I’ll travel to ski next season :cry:

Après Skier

Diva in Training
I’m getting the Ikon Pass again. I garnered so much value my first year with the 2018-2019 Ikon Pass, even considering missing half a season this year, and some unpredictability next season, overall I got my money‘s worth.

What will change for me: if there is adequate early-season snow, I will plan more early-sesaon trips. The amazing length of the 2018-2019 season had lulled me into complacency and I was happy to wait until March/April to plan some of my bigger trips... well, we all know how that turned out
YES!! Bout time Ikon....

I was reading through the insurance, and it does state quarantine...
That quarantine is covered? All over social media it seems like people are unhappy with the insurance and lack of comment by Ikon of what happens if they are shut down for large parts of the season etc. I haven’t read the insurance myself though.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I guess I think about this differently than a lot of others. I purchased a season pass for a mountain that I usually don't ski at. Snow Valley is further from where I live, smaller in both acreage and vertical drop, but it's a mom and pop operation that I don't want to see disappear. So, for this next season, I will support them so they can survive this pandemic setback. I will still buy the Ikon pass because my home mountain is on it - as is Mammoth.
Just got a survey from the Indy Pass. Pretty clear they expect skiing to happen next season. The founder of Indy, Doug Fish, is in Oregon.

Last season in addition to Ikon, I also got a value pass for my home mountain and Indy. Quite likely to do the same. But not in a hurry to commit.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
YES!! Bout time Ikon....

I was reading through the insurance, and it does state quarantine...
True, but we are not in "quarantine," we are in "shelter in place." The only people in quarantine are those diagnosed positive or specifically identified as having been in contact with someone who tested positive. There is no mention of what happens if they close in ... say ... December? It doesn't appear to be covered. I would like to see a specific mention of ... "if open less that ??? number of days, then .... $$ refunded."


Staff member
Right now we're not quaratine, but not allowed "unnecessary travel". In fact they are stopping people from driving into Quebec with out of province plates. So I wouldn't be able to go to Tremblant. Blue Mountain is over 3 hours away and again...unnecessary travel.

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