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The best bras and underwear for skiing

I wonder if it also matters what type of regular bras and panties people wear as to whether you would want to wear the same for such a physical and sometimes sweaty activity. For example, my everyday bras of choice have underwire for the most part, not something I’d find comfortable for skiing or any exercise because if things move around too much it’s just not a fun time. Then panties are usually like a cheeky variety that might be cotton and have lacy trims etc. Again, not materials that are comfortable for sweaty movement, and probably prone to wedgies if there is a lot of athletic movement. So I’m thinking the baseline is probably different for everyone depending what your everyday wear is, but perhaps I’m wrong and others are skiing around in a bunch of fancy underthings and I need to up my game! Lol


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As for sports bras, I've been blessed with the best boobs for skiing. No boobs! I buy the super cheap danskin sports bras that come in 2 packs at Walmart. I think they're supposed to be for low to medium impact. Since they're not very supportive, they're almost easy to take off when you're sweaty. I layer a Nike compression shirt from the boys department over that, stick a helmet on my head, and really could pass for a boy in the 7th grade.
You sound like me. I've been mistaken for a kid a few times out on the hill. lol


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UA used to make an amazing cami with a good built in bra. It’s a thicker material, but not compression to the point I can’t breathe. I love wearing it on colder days. For bras, I’m happy with a traditional clasp sports bra, or a zip front sports bra, unless of course the zipper pops open, which has occurred more than once. The level of uncomfortableness with a front zipper wardrobe malfunction under oodles of layers is a solid 10 of 10, just so ya know. The over the head bras are so frustrating getting on and off for me, I just can’t deal and feel like I’m going to throw my arm out of socket sometimes. I only sport a merino wool thong from Icebreaker or Smartwool and wear a merino wool Capri legging over that. I’d like to add merino boy shorts to my ski wardrobe of unmentionables, but not sure if I’d adapt so well.
Now that I've retired, I've almost completely stopped wearing a bra. I really like camisoles with shelf bras, or snug running tank tops. I've worn sports bras and regular bras skiing, but I don't need the support of a sports bra (and don't like to sweat like mad on a regular bra).

Really, a snug baselayer will probably be enough for me.

I love retirement.


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Finally found sports bras that fasten like regular ones. Usually for my small size they're the pull on/off type and I hate that. Now I need to petition Jockey to make them in some plain colors and I'd wear them for everyday, too.
Can you share a link or style name? I'm also small and have only ever had pull on sports bras. When I pulled my shoulder last year I couldn't wear them at all!


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Can you share a link or style name? I'm also small and have only ever had pull on sports bras. When I pulled my shoulder last year I couldn't wear them at all!
Sure, it's these:


The nude looks like it would be light enough to not show beneath a white shirt, but it does. Maybe it’s the stripes. The band doesn’t seem hugely stretchy - I wear a 34B or a 36A regular bra and a medium in these, just because it's easier to hook them than it is the small, but I’m already hooking it in the tightest set.

Oh, and the band rolls just a tiny, tiny bit, but I can live with it to not have it be an over the head type.


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Can you share a link or style name? I'm also small and have only ever had pull on sports bras. When I pulled my shoulder last year I couldn't wear them at all!
To add to the Jockey style recommend by @Jenny, the C9 Power Shape sports bras, found at Target, are pretty good. They’re made by Champion and if you don’t mind foam cups, worth picking up. What I like most is the cups don’t sneak out after washing. Champion brand bras with traditional back closures can sometimes be found at Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Finally, take a look at the bras from Duluth Trading Company. They’ve made a sports bra with the traditional closure that’s actually comfortable.

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Panache brand sports bras for skiing and all my other fitness activities. Both wired and unwired work for me. Traditional back closures so no pulling over head. I have a small back and boobs so size 28F UK fits perfectly. Expensive but last a very long time with hand washing. Undies are Patagonia, ExOfficio, or Kuhl or whatever REI sells.
I love my Boody undies for everyday and for sweaty activities. They're made of bamboo and breathe. The main plus for me is the shape of the undies - no wedgie, no riding up. They fit like a [Hestra] glove.


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Uh oh.. gotta admit to having some Icebreaker Sprite hot pants and bras that I only wear skiing as they live with my ski stuff. Really comfy.
I have the same icebreaker pants and bras - I'm fully sold on merino for everything except the outermost waterproof layers for skiing now :smile: so comfortable in all temperatures!

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