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The 3 Bears @ Sunday River

Guess they didn't like a bump run? (Agony, beneath Barker chair at Sunday River - video taken Friday, 4/12 at around 1:30 p.m.)

(Curiously, that area to looker's right IS a skiable glade. Can you imagine skiing along, and.....:eek:)


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I’ve been loving seeing all of these videos on social media!! They had the area closed due to the bears, but I saw videos with people on the trail who had ducked ropes too. Definitely not something I’d want to accidentally stumble across, would be cool to see from the lift though!


Staff member
Whistler has a bear problem this time of year too. We had a moose on the beginner run on Friday at Tremblant. There is a picture on FB, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Not something I'd want to meet in a glade either...
They closed Nosedive in Stowe last weekend - mama and 3 cubs playing on the trail. I’ve seen a beat up very close (messing with my garbage can) and it did not like the sight of me. Had another visit last year, similarly after garbage, and it broke into my porch and dragged the barrel out through a narrow window. I was upstairs in bed and I thought someone was knocking over trees; the noise was unbelievable. I got my wits about me and screamed at it out the window, and it ran off.

Ducking the ropes to go see bears when mothers are with cubs is idiotic. Eastern black bears are generally afraid of us if we make a lot of noise, but if you get between the mother and her cubs, you are looking at serious injury or even death. Dolts. Pull their passes.

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