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I demoed the Nordica Santa Ana 93 in a 161 at Taos this season. Actually thought I was on a 153 as that is what I requested. Only when returned the tech asked me how the 161's worked for me. They were great.

Now I'm seeing a great deal on the 2019 SA 93 in a 153 for $319 and the 2020 Blizzard Sheeva 9 in a 157 (demoed inTahoe) for $384...
Wonder if I would notice the shorter length (SA 93) and not like it or maybe even like it better? The Sheeva 9 in a 157 is fine.

Stats: 5'1 around 103 - older skier...
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Angel Diva
My 2 cents, it seems like everything I've read about the SA 93's is that they ski short, which jives with your experience. Since you really liked the 161's, maybe stick to that? Not so sure about the Sheeva's. As my BF says, "there will always be deal".

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