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Summer ideas for things to do


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Quickwater Canoe and Kayak does rentals. They are about an hour away from Portsmouth, they shuttle you up the road and then you paddle down a section of the Merrimack river back to their base.
Also Charles River Canoe and Kayak has several locations in and near Boston. Its really fun to paddle on the Charles between their two bases and then take the red line train to get back to your car.
Getting ready to go out our trip to Dublin, Wales, northern England so that'll carry us through until early July.

Planning on my first downhill mountain biking day of the season in July.

Disturbed concert at the end of July and then a couple fairs and more mountain biking in August and we'll be in September.

I recently saw Boy George on his solo tour and he was truly amazing so now I'm determined to see Culture Club on their tour this summer. They are playing at the Electric Factory in Philly on September 9th. My brother is getting married on the 10th but I'll be driving the 2 hours to Philly to see the show and spending the night. We'll have breakfast, walk around the city and then head back to CT to the wedding. I have 4 hotels booked in Philly with free cancellation so I just need to research proximity and trip adviser ratings and cancel the 3 that don't make the cut.

Might try and get in a football game at the Met life stadium in Jersey sometime in September but we'll see on that.


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Oh man, the Electric Factory. Memories!
Oh man, the Electric Factory. Memories!

I've never been there. I'm pretty excited. I've actually never been to Philly. Looks like a cool venue. I love Culture Club. DH went with me to see Boy George 3 weeks ago and he's not interested in going to see the show and mentioned my brothers wedding the next day. I told DH I am going and there are 3 options 1) I will go alone and he stays home 2) he goes with me to the show or 3) he goes to Philly with me and hangs out at hotel or about town while I'm at show, then we can have a nice breakfast in the am and then head back to CT. My brother's wedding isn't until until 2:30 pm and i'm not in the wedding party so I just need to show up so totally doable in my mind.
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I second (third, fourth..) the recommendations for Acadia. I love staying near Southwest Harbor, especially camping at the Seawall campground. Bliss!

This may sound like an oddball suggestion, but a few people mentioned the Fife Brook section of the Deerfield. Zoar Outdoor has a fantastic paddle school that includes whitewater canoe instruction. I love whitewater paddling and have been doing it for years. But: I HATE, hate, hate rafting on whitewater. I get more bangs and bruises in rafts than I ever do in my solo boat, and you don't really get the river feel at all--just the frustration of trying to muscle an unweildy rubber beast, and if you flip it's a pain in the ***.

I love solo whitewater canoeing and highly recommend taking a lesson via Zoar if it's something that really interests you. Canoes take a bit more skill, and the learning curve is steeper at first than for a kayak. Which also means more time on easier whitewater, building skills. But in a canoe, you're kneeling fairly high up, so you can see/read the river better than kayakers, and also there is no spray skirt, so you don't get that feeling of being "trapped" in the boat if you flip. If you flip a canoe, it's nbd, you just fall out, no action required on your part. I found that when I switched from ww kayak to canoe, I was much more aggressive, because I wan't afraid of flipping and having to execute a roll, which never was my strong suit.
The Eastern States Cup mountain bike race is at Mount Snow this weekend and I have volunteered DH and I for the weekend to be course marshals. We each get a ski lift ticket for each day plus they give us water and provide us with lunch. I have my season pass for Snow so I'll give DH my lift tickets so he'll have 4 to use throughout the season. We can bring our beach chairs so we can sit wherever we are assigned. Will work for skiing, works for me :smile: Plus I just love being at the mountain.
Can't believe summer's about over. I'm happy about this mind you but wow it just seems like winter had just ended and I was all sad. Now it's September, football's starting up and the ski swaps are around the corner. Now I'm going wow I had plans for a, b, c and d and I only got to a and b this summer :smile:

I just bought a ticket to see Culture Club at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia for 9/9. I'm leaving work early and hope to check into my hotel room by dinner time. DH isn't coming cause I dragged him to see Boy George at the end of May and it's not really his cup of tea. I could make him go but I'm not thaat mean. It'll be a fun little solo trip.

Heading camping this weekend with several friends so looking forward to some fine cooked meals, smores by the fire and floating in the lake with a cold one.

How has everyone else's summer been?


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Mountain biking and craft beer all over Vermont pretty much sums up my summer. I'm so glad I found something that I enjoy as much as skiing, and it's been great for my overall fitness. Plan to do some downhill biking this weekend at my local mountain.
Getting ready to watch some Saints football, too. Drew Brees isn't getting any younger, and I'm afraid this might be his last season. Who dat!
I had to look at my summer calendar because I was thinking ok what the hell did I do with my summer. A few trips to Vermont and New Hampshire, 10 days in the UK and a handful of quality live shows. We don't see much live music in the winter because I have other priorities so summer is the high time to see some live music. This summer was all about Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, Disturbed, Gandalf Murphy, Cheap Trick, Heart, Joan Jett and next week is Culture Club. Will try to hit a couple more before thanksgiving.

I just remembered there's usually a huge craft brewfest not far from where I live that's in October, sells out every year. Need to get that on the calendar.

santacruz skier

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Went to Dave Matthews band concert at UC Berkeley Greek Theatre (awesome venue) last night. BF's son is camera guy and operates the monitors. We all had back stage passes and ate a wonderful catered meal with band, crew, and family. Was introduced to Dave! So. Much. Fun. Also, we were literally hanging out on the stage. Wore VIP passes. Can you believe it???
@santacruz skier what a fun evening. My sister and BIL were honeymooning on Dunbar Island in the Bahamas and ran into Dave Matthews when he was on holiday, said he was a great guy.

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