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Summer 2020 activities at ski resorts


Angel Diva
SAM has a regular section called Mountain Spy. The idea is that SAM calls resorts anonymously asking a specific type of question. Then reports how the call goes and rates the response. Only the one resort that does really well is revealed. The others are only noted by state. Not surprisingly, in July the rating depended somewhat on how the conversation dealt with COVID-19 restrictions.

July 2020, Ski Area Management
Question: “I hear you’re open for summer activities. Anything I need to know before coming?”
Here's a trip report for Timberline on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Sounds like a new normal has been achieved for Palmer.

July 13, Unofficial Networks
So What Is Skiing Like In A Covid-19 World? Timberline Trip Report July 2020
" . . .
Even for a midweek morning it was clear the crowds were far less than previous summers and social distancing was in effect. We easily found a spot close to the day lodge, geared up and headed on inside.

Getting a lift ticket was a breeze since demand has returned to more normal levels. Timberline is no longer requiring online reservations for daily passes. This however was where we saw the most differences from visiting ski areas in the past.

Before arriving we had completed a Covid-19 specific questionnaire and made sure to pack our face masks, gloves and goggles. The friendly guest services employee sold us our passes after confirming we completed the questionnaire, understood the rules and came prepared with the right equipment.
. . .
Timberline lifties were on their A-game, closely monitoring skiers and riders entering the maze making sure their masks were all the way up and they stayed within their groups. Lift lines peaked through mid day at about 20 minutes for Palmer, mainly since chair rides were confined to smaller parties generally 2-3 and rarely 4.
. . ."

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