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Question: Steamboat Springs, Newbie Friendly Green Runs


Diva in Training
Hey y'all! New to the forum and fairly new to skiing. I am headed to Steamboat Springs this coming week for some skiing and can not find (through googling) what green runs are good for a newer skier.

I have thus far stuck to Deer Valley and this will be my first time at a new resort.

The first day I am going solo, so I figured I would ask for some info. The second day I have friends joining me (most are experienced skiers and snowboarders) so I am not too worried about that day.

Any tips would be appreciated. Or if you are in the area, I'd love to hit the slopes with some new friends (any WWH members here!?).


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Most of the runs which are green at Steamboat are relatively narrow and winding; they don't really have any wide open green cruisers. However, some of the blue runs are fairly mellow. Steamboat isn't as steep overall as some mountains.
If you want to stick to greens to start to see how you feel, you can take the gondola up and take Why Not all the way down to the Thunderhead lift. You can then take Thunderhead back up and either repeat Why Not or instead take Spur Run over to the Sunshine area of the mountain. Sundial is the easiest route over there. Tomahawk is labeled blue but the steepest part is the first 2 pitches then it turns into a green type run with lots of rollers/little hills. You can cut the steeper parts of Tomahawk off by taking Sundial until you intersect Tomahawk and then take Tomahawk the rest of the way.
Depending on how new to skiing you are, you may find that you feel comfortable on many of the blues over in the Sunshine area of the mountain. That area of the mountain is the most mellow. As you look at the trail map, as a general rule the right hand side is the easiest and it gets progressively harder as you move left.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I agree that the Sunshine area is going to be your friend. You could also warm up by taking the Christie Peak Express lift from the base and then do some of the greens off to the left as you get off the lift. I'll be up next weekend (my mom lives there) but skiing different terrain.
Welcome! You'll get lots of great info here!


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